Getting around on the islands of Cape Verde

Getting around on the islands of Cape Verde

Timetables in Cape Verde are not to be taken too seriously - don't be too surprised if that boat departs ahead of schedule or if that flight suddenly gets postponed until tomorrow. This is important to consider if you decide to do some island-hopping.

Due to weather and other conditions flights may be delayed or canceled. Carry your toothbrush with you and build in some buffer time to your planning especially if you need to meet an international connection.

Getting around Cape Verde by plane:
TACV Cabo Verde airlines has regular flights between the majority of the islands.

Insider Travel Tip:
If you can afford to wait until you arrive, domestic tickets are cheaper if purchased in Cape Verde.

If your international flights are booked with TACV, you can purchase a Cabo Verde Air Pass for flights within 21 day period. Price start at €110 for two coupons and €60 for every extra coupon.
TACV flights can be rebooked for 2,000$.

Halcyonair have also started servicing some of the major internal routes.

- TACV Cabo Verde Islands
- TACV Air Pass
- TACV (German Site)
- Halcyonair

Getting around Cape Verde by boat:
There are ferry services between the islands. Depending on the distance between the islands you are going from and to, flying can be significantly shorter but also significantly more expensive.

Getting around Cape Verde by taxi:
Nice, new taxis are available in the major cities and are metered. Aluguers, which are usually either open back pickup trucks with bench seats or 15 passenger Toyota vans, tend to travel between more rural destinations, particularly on Santa Antão.

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