Get Off The Beaten Path in the Philippines

Get Off The Beaten Path in the Philippines

Most travelers visit one or two islands and leave the restof the Philippines untouched. This is clearly an injustice to its thousands of picture perfect islands with some of the world's best surfing and diving opportunities.

The tourism industry is a major contributor to the country's GDP, with a share of eight percent. Every year thousands of tourists visit this country and that's the reason cheap flights to Philippines are always in demand.
The Philippines is quickly becoming a popular travel destination, with so much to offer.

For the best experience, be sure to include the following islands in your itinerary:

North Luzon

The biggest island of the country will captivate you with its misty mountains. Instead of widespread palm trees in other parts, North Luzon has pines. Here, you'll get to view 2,000 year old rice terraces of Banaue and Batad, fitted nicely along plunging ravines. These terraces are the source of livelihood for the local tribal groups. You can explore the local culture and old methods of rice farming. You can access this pristine culture by taking a bus from Manila.



The most famous attraction of this island is the ethereal Chocolate Hills. There are more than 1,500 mounds built by coral deposits and sculpted by erosion. If you visit in winter, you will see a distinctive brown hue but in summer it turns green. The smallest monkey in the world tarsier is another attraction. But they're more active in their natural habitat so don't visit them in captivity.


Camiguin Island

The island is located on the northern end of Mindanao. Camiguin Island has an active volcano and its shape resembles a pear. The island is away from the regular tourist trail so if you don't want crowds and noise; this is the perfect holiday spot for you. Other than sightseeing, you can do diving as well.



Located at the very northern end of Philippines, this island has gently sloping hilltops, grassy roof houses and natives who wear traditional hats made by straw. The island has pleasant weather compared to other regions, so when tropical heat becomes unbearable, visit Batanes Island. You will get a totally different travelling experience in the area. You can get a direct flight from Manila to reach Batanes.



The biggest city of Mindanao, Davao is ranked as the best place to live in Philippines. It is also located off the beaten track so you will not see many tourists. The city is world famous for the smelliest fruit of the world, Durian. You can also get a chance of sighting the rare Philippine eagle. What you should not miss on the Island is the semi-active volcano, Mt Apo. A climb to the mountain is enough to explore the full spectrum of country's biodiversity.



This island is best for budget friendly cuisine, exciting watersports and relaxing on the beach. There are almost a dozen beaches on the Boracay Island but the most popular are Bulabog and White beach. The island has three boat stations. Station one has high-end resorts, Station two is the liveliest of all and Station three has the most affordable dining and living options.