Germany: A Country for Great Walks - Bergisches Land

Germany: A Country for Great Walks - Bergisches Land

Travelling is fun and because of today`s mobility, navigation aids and high tech communication items, it has become easier than ever.

Nevertheless there are often treasures that worldwide travellers overlook.

If you like being active, using your legs and if you are fit enough in reading maps then the "Bergisches Land" is the right place to be. Thanks to the past and to its narural habitat with comparatively little farms in the past even today the Bergisches Land is an area which offers many pathes that connect hamlets and villages.

Many of them are not included in a signposted or marked public walking paths. That gives you the chance with a good map (scale 1:25 000 or 1:50 000 available for the whole area of Germany - something that many countries cannot offer) to explore the area individually without following signs and being accompanied by other walkers as it often happens on the marked premium walking pathes.

There are not many areas left in Germany that offer such a dense path system (mainly old farm tracks, field pathes or cart tracks) which are still there though often not used anymore by the farms because many farmers gave up their farms in the last years.

The area is also easy to reach with public transport. It is close to the big cities of North Rhine Westfalia (Cologne, Duesseldorf, Dortmund, Essen...) and offers a great variety of entertaining walks (nature, culture, history, architecture). The landscape with its hills, fields, valleys, hamlets, villages and towns make it possible to plan easy or more strenuous walks and different levels of difficulties.