Genoa: Italian Melting Pot of International Cultures

Genoa: Italian Melting Pot of International Cultures

Genoa, Janua, the door.

This is indeed the meaning of the ancient name of the city in Latin. A meaning that is well its main feature, which represents its being a gateway to the world, thanks to the fervent activity of its port.

From Genoa moved the dreamer Christopher Columbus to plan the trip to India that would have led to the discovery of the American continent.

And that these roads were good to dream is an evidence, just think of the songwriters who written about Genoa and, more than often, dedicated it their songs, as Fabrizio De André.

One of his best-known songs is 'Creuza de ma', where creuza, in Genoese dialect, indicates one of the narrow streets encased within the walls of the old city.

To advance in the picturesque alleys of the old town, the alleyways said ‘carrugi’, is the best way to discover the charm of the city UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006.

The prestigious award went to the rolls ‘rolli’, historic palaces enrolled in special lists to accommodate the distinguished guests in transit in the city.

Many of these buildings have panoramic terraces from which you can discover a completely different city. Being Genoa built over the hills between the sea and the mountains, to move from one level to the other there are lifts and cable railways, which quickly lead at the top of the city.