Gastronomic Delights in Cusco, Peru

Gastronomic Delights in Cusco, Peru

Initially we had only planned on spending a couple of days in Cusco, Peru either side of our Inca Trail, but shortly after arriving in the city we realized this was a mistake and ended up staying for eight days.

This is just a quick post on some of the places we ate during our time in Cusco and are suitable for the backpacker budget. There are so many to chose from but here is a selection of what we thought was amazing.


Food Options in Cusco

Los Toldos

Pollo a la Brasa is available all over Cusco and seems to be somewhat of a local speciality. So if you fancy some of the best Peruvian Chicken a la Brasa head for Los Toldos. A quarter roast chicken served with chips will set you back S15 and there is also a buffet salad bar available with a selection of carrot, beetroot, potato salad, lettuce, tomatoes among others. The black olive dressing is also very good and wash it all down with some homemade lemonade. We went back three times.

Address: 171 Almagro Street, Cusco 5184, Peru


La Prasada

On the success of our previous vegetarian cafe we decided to head for La Prasada, another vegan restaurant in San Blas. The selection here is not as varied as GreenPoint but this didn't stop us from going back a second time. The menu consists of various types of veggie burgers, salads, and other mains including lasagne, falafels, among others. On our first visit here, we opted for the lasagne and a burger and on the second visit we both went for the burgers. These burgers are amazing and cannot be beaten at only S12 each. The variety of toppings, including caramelized onions, hummus and chutneys among many more, means you will want to return to try as many as you can. The juices are also massive and worth checking out. 

Address: Choqechaka 425 y Qanchipata 269 | Barrio San Blas, Cusco, Peru



While Kieran was a bit skeptical about veggie restaurants, I am starting to win him over and GreenPoint certainly helped the case. This vegan restaurant offers a vast array of choices, from which we opted for the Korma and Peruvian stir fry. Both were delicious and cost approximately S25 each. Make sure to check out their selection of herbal teas and juices as well as their desserts which are works of art.

Address: 235 Calle Carmen Bajo


San Pedro Market

You cannot go to Cusco and not check out the San Pedro Market. Here you are greeted with newly slaughtered meats which includes pigs’ heads, while further along there is a wide selection of fruits and vegetables as well as cheese, nuts and cereals. However, if you don't fancy cooking for yourself, be sure to check out the juice bars as well as the restaurant. For S5 you can take your pick of any number of juices from the various stalls at the entrance to the market and they are amazing. If you are feeling a bit more pickish, opt for the especial. This juice while a little more expensive at S14 is a meal in itself. Alternatively head for the restaurant and eat like the locals where you can get a lunch for S5 which normally involves a choice between chicken, fish and lomo salado. The woman also sell soup for about S2.50 or egg and rice for about S3.50. 

Address: Cascaparo, Cuzco, Perú



If needing a break from all the walking around Cusco city center, then head for Cuscoffee.  This little coffee shops offers organic coffee from the sacred valley as well as sandwiches, pastries, cakes and juices.  At the time we visited they were doing an offer of coffee/tea/juice plus a sandwich/cake/pastry for S10.  Their chocolate croissants were pretty tasty.  They also have great WiFi.

Address: Calle Heladeros 167, Cusco 084, Peru