Fun Things to Do on a Visit to Tower Bridge

Fun Things to Do on a Visit to Tower Bridge

For decades the magnificent structure of Tower Bridge has been attacked by invasions, fire and flood but each time it has withstood the cruelties of time and been rebuilt with much more finesse and determination, making it a sign of prosperity for the city of London.

Originally built by Romans in 52 AD, the bridge is constructed over the River Thames and is situated next to Cannon Street Railway Bridge. Probably one of the most prominent tourist attractions in London, the bridge has been a meeting place for people for centuries now and with numerous local markets and entertainment venues constructed alongside, it offers plenty of exciting things to do as well.

So if visiting London is on your radar, then Tower Bridge is one destination you simply can’t afford to miss. Enjoying a central location and decorated with some premier historical attractions, a visit to the spectacular structure would certainly drive you crazy.


These are Some of the Fun Things That You Can Experience on Your Visit to Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge Experience:

Explore the history of Tower Bridge and experience its tale, cruelties and much more during the Roman, Viking and Medieval era at the Tower Bridge Experience, which is a tourist attraction built under the arches of the Tower Bridge.

Using actors and special effects, the Tower Bridge Experience takes you through the Tower fire of the 17th century, pick pockets era of the 19th century and the tales of how it was used to punish notorious criminals.


Pamper Yourself with Delicious Cuisine at Borough Market:

Located in close vicinity to Tower Bridge, the Borough Market is a premier food market in London offering everything from ostrich egg to delicious breads, loads of fun to treat your taste buds with.  


Religious Experience at Southwark Cathedral:

Situated south of Tower Bridge, Southwark Cathedral is the site where pagan rites were performed during the ancient era. Visit the cathedral to appreciate amazing gothic architecture and gain a spiritual experience in this place of Christian worship.


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So pack your bags and depart for an outstanding adventure in the magical land of London.