Frugal Tips to Save While Traveling

Frugal Tips to Save While Traveling

If you’re a traveler, you might be knowing how stressful it is to look out for various aspects related to travel.

From booking flights, trains and cabs to dining and then to accommodation. The list is long. Why pay more when you can actually get things done at a cheaper price? Yes, you’re right!


Make your next trip full of thrilling experiences by following some quick money saving tips, which are:

Make a Proper Plan

Jot down the list including flight tickets, train fare, bus fare, lodging and boarding and how you’re going to go ahead with everything. Also, include the number of days you want to spend at each location. This way you’re already half done with your work of saving.


Online Research

Thoroughly research about the flights, hotels, and destinations. The offers they have and when can they be the cheapest. By this, you can have a proper framework of your holiday. Avoid booking flights on weekdays. Also, a research says that you should book flights exactly 8 weeks before you’re planning to travel. Additionally, you can also look for some travel apps which will give you some discounts and promo offers.


Travel Off-Season

As soon as you research, you’ll get to know the fare of various airlines. The best part of traveling off season is that you get cheaper flights. For example, don’t travel to Australia during Christmas as it will be very expensive.There are many sites that give you cheaper airfares. You can also look for hotels the same way. Brands such as Travelodge can be looked upon while booking a hotel room. There are many Travelodge deals on hotels in the UK to be browsed.


Weigh Your Luggage

Always make sure to weigh your luggage before you are boarding a flight. Doing this, you are saving yourself of any additional fee. If anything is extra, you can remove it. Alternatively, you can look for good luggage or a handbag that carries the extra things.


Hop to a Local Shop

When going to a new place, look for the local supermarkets rather than going for the branded outlets. This way, you’ll have the experience of the local products of the place and also you are bound to get the stuff at the cheapest prices.


Getting the Right Credit Card

Most of the credit cards and debit cards will charge you around 2-3% as a duty fee. But there are some cards, that don’t. And, luckily you end up paying only the actual amount.


Paying for Wi-Fi is a Big No-No

When there are cafes, bars, and restaurant with free Wi-Fi, why pay extra for Internet access? There are many applications available on Google play store and apple store which give you the places having free Wi-Fi. You can have a look and download them.


Say Goodbye to Travel Packages

A commercially organized tour and travel package will cost you a lot. So, it’s better to be your own travel planner. This way you’ll get to see more places and won’t get stuck up on the“three nights and four days holiday trip.”Additionally, you’ll get to save a lot by doing this.


Travel to make memories and be a storyteller! And by following these quick hacks you can make your travel experience memorable and one of its kind.

Who knows, you may end up becoming a travel blogger some day?