Frightening Skydive at the Costa Brava in Spain

Frightening Skydive at the Costa Brava in Spain

No... Just an Excited Skydive!

Traveldudes was invited by the Costa Brava Tourism Board to see what you can all do and experience in their region.

Skydiving was one of the options, next to a Hot Air Balloon ride.

My request to combine these two things got denied. I've seen that before that people sky dived from a hot air balloon.

OK, I've never sky dived before and therefore had to do a tandem jump and that is not possible from a hot air balloon. The whole gear of my instructor weights around 30 kilo, plus he had to carry me in front of him. So it was the typical jump out of a plane. Lucky me!


I didn't slept much and well the night before!

What was that feeling I had? Was I frightened or maybe nervous? I've tried to understand myself and my feelings, but couldn't. I guess it was a mix of all, but for sure excitement.

So I woke up early in the morning and the sun was about to break through the clouds and it seemed to become a sunny and warm spring day. We stayed at the Hostal Empuries, right at the beach. On the way to the breakfast I could even see my blogger mates in the hot air balloon, cruising above the hotel!

How much do you eat before jumping out of a plane?

Just a bit and then you get hungry again before the actual jump? Or you eat more than enough, as you won't have a second meal ever again? There was not that much to think about, we haven't had that much time left before we got picked up.


We arrived on time at Skydive Empuria Brava, but still had to wait for another hour before we got instructed what to do. Luckily I talked with Keith (@velvetescape) about the skydive the night before. He and Yvonne skydived last year when they were at the Costa Brava and so I was well informed.

I just didn't want to become nervous!

I was under pressure! There was no way to freak out! But can you control a situation like that? No, I don't think so!

The waiting time got the excitement! There were 3 national teams practicing and they jumped in formations and landed with high speed, sliding on the grass. And then it was our turn!

I was hot and ready to go!

Our instructor told us that we would probably be safe with him, but he couldn't scare me anymore. He was holding a new wing suite and I've seen several of crazy videos with these. See the one from Jeb Corliss and nothing else can scare you! Can there?

I was ready and the first one boarding the plane. I wouldn't do that again! Later more about that.

There were 18 more divers on board of the plane and they all looked a bit bored actually. OK, not all of them. There were two more blogger friends and I couldn't really tell how they felt. Nervous? Excited? I guess more nervous than me, as they sat right in front of the door, where they had to jump out.

And after about 15 minutes the door opened!

Just shortly afterwards my friends were gone... with a bit of a scary look, but it was too late. I couldn't see them anymore. :)

The pros around me gave each other their “secret” diver's handshake and jumped out. There was one national team on board of our plane and they jumped in formation. 5-7 of them jumped at once! A few were hanging outside already and the rest were squeezing in the door... and they were gone!


It was my turn!

Suddenly I was at the door! There was still one guy in front of me. He looked at me, smiled & jumped out backwards and with a back roll!

Rock n' Roll! Yay! That was it! I was freaking out for excitement!

At that moment I could name all my feelings from before...

I threw my feet backwards up, bended my head back, like Keith told me & waited for my instructor to jump!

And there we were... in the nowhere... far above the ground... surrounded by wind and in the free fall!


We reached a speed of about 180 km/h and that is far more exciting while falling down, than driving on the German Autobahn.
OK, I usually don't drive with my head out of the window at that speed, but I've done that, too. :)

Suddenly there was someone else just next to me!

Damn! I forgot that we had a camera guy with us! But just a moment later, I couldn't focus him anymore!

My instructor got us spinning Big Time!

We were so quick that I couldn't even spot the ground anymore! Then we stopped and there he was again... the camera guy! Just for a second, as we then spinned again into the other direction!

Then I felt a knock on my shoulder! That was the sign to open the parachute. You don't want to miss that one, even having the time of your life! :)



and then... NOTHING – Complete Silence

We were floating towards the ground. That was also when I stopped screaming!


But that was also when the excitement stopped and the scenery part started. Now it was about time to look down onto Empuriabrava with one of the world's largest marinas. The houses are surrounded by many canals and it looks really good from above.

As we were the last ones jumping out of that plane, we were also the furthest away from the airport. That didn't allow us much of a scenic flight and we had to choose the quickest way back to make it. I could turn the parachute once to the right and back to the left and than it was my instructor's job to get us back down.

We landed safely and I wished to get into that plane again, right away!

Before the jump I asked how many people return and stick to skydiving after their first jump? The answer was about 5 % and I think I will be one of them! I'm up for more!

Now I only need to find a sponsor to support me to get my own skydiving license! ;-)