Four Wheelchair Friendly Destinations

Four Wheelchair Friendly Destinations

If you've ever lived life without a wheelchair and suddenly became subject to staying in one, this can be a potentially depressing situation.

You may go through a period of mourning because a wheelchair can really change your life. However, there are still many reasons to be positive. It's still a blessing to be alive and many of the things you used to enjoy are still doable. One of the great joys in life involves the ability to travel. Traveling widens your global perspective and allows you to experience cultures and the world.

Thankfully, you can still enjoy the traveling experience even with a wheelchair, especially at these four landmarks.


Four Wheelchair Friendly Destinations

1. Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island is a beautiful island getaway that you can enjoy and it's located right off the coast of California. The Catalina Express is the perfect way to travel there as the views are beautifully picturesque and the boat is wheelchair-accessible. There are tons of restaurants and shops to enjoy on the island.

If you'd like to peruse through downtown, it's best to rent a golf cart to get around quickly. If you already use an electric wheelchair scooter, though, then there’s no need and you can drive around the island pretty liberally. If you're a history buff, head over to the Catalina Museum. The Art Deco Casino is available, but it’s not a place for gambling. It’s just a place that features beautiful art, a movie theater, and, sometimes, theatrical productions.


2. Great Wall of China                               

While the Great Wall of China might sound odd to add to this list because of the climbing many people do, it's actually wheelchair-accessible. In the Ba Da Ling section of the Great Wall, there's an elevator for people who'd like to enjoy that portion. It was initially installed during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. For the best experience, make sure to plan in advance. You'll need a wheelchair-accessible van for transportation to the elevator of the Great Wall. These vans are notorious for getting booked quickly.


3. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a very special city for many people who are religious. It's a significant landmark for Christianity and Judaism as a lot of significant events for Jesus Christ happened in this city. If you'd like to experience the beauty, culture and history with a wheelchair here, there is a special route designed specifically for those with disabilities. Israel's Ministry of Tourism specifically created an informative brochure for travelers who are disabled yet want to travel through different parts of Israel.


4. Walt Disney World

Located in Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World is affectionately considered the best place on Earth. Within Disney World, there's Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Center and the Magic Kingdom. There are also two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

One of the reasons why Disney World is considered the best place on Earth is because of its accessibility for those in wheelchairs. When you arrive at Disney World, it's important to visit the Guest Relations department to work out accommodations for rides. They'll arrange for you and people in your party to enjoy rides with a shorter wait time, if needed. If you'd like, you can rent a wheelchair while you're at the park or you can use your own. Everything from the Disney Resort buses to the various Disney resort hotels accommodates those who are in need of wheelchairs. You can still enjoy the fun of the various rides and the full Disney experience just like any other guest.


It's important to remember that life doesn't end when you're in a wheelchair. There are still lots of ways to have fun and live life to the fullest. As you travel to these global landmarks, you'll be able to see how life-changing any travel experience can be.

Don't shortchange yourself just because of a seemingly inconvenient situation. Do your best to remember that you're alive to enjoy the blessings life has to offer through experiences like traveling!