Four Reasons to Spend Christmas in Florence

Four Reasons to Spend Christmas in Florence

Christmas is an optimal time to visit the artistic and majestic monuments of Florence, monuments that you can see in the historic center.

Apart from that, here are several reasons why you should visit Florence during Christmastime.


Reasons You Should Visit Florence in Winter

The Climate is Mild

During this time the streets are less crowded with tourists than in the warmer season, when millions of tourists come to spend their holidays. The climate of the period of Christmas in Florence in the winter is not too cold, the temperature approaches zero degrees centigrades.

During the day it is usually cold but dry and most of the time very sunny. This allows those who visit Florence in Christmas time to perform smoothly the many tours to the many artistic and architectural attractions of the city without waiting in the long lines that are created in the hottest season.


The Atmosphere is Very Festive

In addition to the Christmas atmosphere Florence offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a sunny day and a festive atmosphere.

Several weeks before 25th December, the streets and squares of the city are adorned with Christmas decorations, which make very nice views for walkers. In Christmas time in Florence there are also the traditional Christmas markets and the shops are also decorated with gifts and typical images of the tradition.

In the center and in shopping centers you can meet people with the typical Santa Claus costume. The streets of the city center create an atmosphere of celebration and excitement, which grows more and more with the approach of December 25th .


Christmas is a Great Time to Visit the Churches in Florence

Christmas in Florence is also an opportunity to visit the great churches of Florence, where the traditional nativity scenes are prepared.

It is an old tradition that has always a great success for visitors and the pious who go to church in greater numbers than the other year.


Experience Traditional Tuscan Christmastime Food

During this time also the grocery stores are providing all kinds of food, from traditional Tuscan food to the classic traditional Christmas, with food sticking the fine Tuscan wines, sparkling wines and every kind of liquor to be served as usual during the important lunches and dinners of this period.

Even restaurants and inns are preparing for Christmas and the New Year. They offer rich menus composed of various kinds of food: meat and fish, as well as a rich variety of cakes, rigorously crafted in the best tradition of sweets.


Christmas time in Florence is really one of the best periods to visit this beautiful city, a period that is enriched with a thousand opportunities for fun besides culture and tradition.

Many festive events follow each other during this time from concerts, exhibitions and religious functions- that make the time memorable and special for both tourists and Florentines.


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