Four Places in Canada That You Must Visit

Four Places in Canada That You Must Visit

A trip to Canada will surely turn out to be amazing, for it will reveal so many beautiful places that will make your heart skip a beat.

Out of all the places to visit in Canada, which are on your wishlist, you have to make sure to visit these four amazing places. 


Roosevelt Campobello International Park 

This is a 2800 acre park, filled with enough greenery to fill your heart and soul. The most sought after attraction here is the cottage which usually steals the show with its beauty. The style and the structure of this International Park is also one of the many things which really lifts it up to an entirely different level. The natural park has also been left to protect the flora and fauna of this place. This wild part is also home to some animals and endangered species.


Athabasca Glacier

A top choice glacier and one of the most interesting trails that you would ever come across. There are many hikers who throng along this way for a truly memorable experience. A total paradise. If you really want to enjoy this trip with all your heart, it is advisable that you dress warmly, wear good shoes and carry a bottle so that you can taste the fresh water from the glaciers.


CN Tower 

The CN Tower in Toronto is considered to be one of the top most towers in Canada and is one of the most beautiful towers you would find anywhere. People who come to Canada often make a point to visit the CN Tower. The tower just looks magnificent in the night and riding an elevator up through the tower is something that you cannot really miss out on. The views from the top are totally breath-taking on a clear day. There is also a 360 degree restaurant which gives you a royal dinner and serves up some amazing food which is surely not to be missed. You can also be on the top of the Tower to get some superb views, though it is not for the faint-hearted.


Auyuittuq National Park

One of the most awesome places in the world, this national park has just too many glaciers that are spread out and the name itself means that the ice formations never melt here. There are hikers who trek here in the summers and find this place amazing. There are around nine emergency shelters here, which can give you the experience of an adventurer. The Earth’s highest sheer cliff also lies here. If you are ready to push your arenaline to another level then make sure that this is the place to be, to try out all those crazy things your heart. At the same time, while this National Parks looks serene and beautiful you also need to be careful 

Author’s Bio : The author of this article is Vishal who loves Canada.


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