Four Not to Miss Destinations in Pakistan

Four Not to Miss Destinations in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where you can find all four seasons, which is really rare in the world. Like the variety of seasons, this country showcases extreme variants of landscape as well.

Like in the north, there are majestic mountain peaks and mountain ranges and in the south there is a coastline. There are also fertile plateaus and some of the largest deserts in the world. Visiting Pakistan is extremely easy due to its flexible visa policies and the availability of cheap in-bound flights.

Pakistan offers a number of tourist attractions but there are a few that you should definitely not miss while visiting this country.


Must-visit Attractions in Pakistan

Watch Polo at the World’s Highest Polo Playing Ground – Shandur

This polo ground is situated at an altitude of 12,200 feet, that's the reason it is also sometimes referred as Roof of the World. This polo ground has been designed by nature and is surrounded by small hills and a lake.

Shandur Festival takes place annually at Shandur Polo Ground, between 7 and 9 July. Each year thousands of foreign and local visitors come to attend this festival. A tent village is set up to accommodate all of these visitors. During your stay, you will enjoy folk dance and music. Teams from Gilgit and Chitral areas of Pakistan participate in this polo festival.


Explore the Scenic Northern Areas of Pakistan

Who can forget to tour the northern areas of Pakistan? These areas present natural beauty in its purest form and are unaltered by humans. These areas are world renowned for some of the highest peaks of the world, lush green vast valleys, mighty rivers, amazingly beautiful lakes and number of national parks.

The highlights of this area include Neelum Valley, Hunza Valley, Kaghan Valley and Saif ul Muluk Lake.


City of Gardens and 12 Doors – Lahore

This historic city of Pakistan is famous for its Moghul architecture and spicy foods. To fully experience the rich culture and embrace yourself into this vibrant city, you should allocate about a week to tour the city.

Lahore is also called City of Gardens due to its aesthetic gardens. Some of these gardens are made by Moghul rulers. Lahore always remained under attack from the foreign invaders and Moghul rulers fortified this city with thick walls and formidable gates. Twelve of these historic gates are still in good condition and give you a glimpse of old times.

Other than gardens and doors, there are plenty of other places as well like The Badshahi Mosque, Minar e Pakistan, Lahore Fort, Lahore Museum and Wagha Border.


Visit the Cradle of Buddhism and Gandhara Civilization - Taxila   

If you want to include more historical sites of Pakistan in your itinerary, then you should visit Taxila. This ancient city has a rich history of more than 3,000 years and is the founding place of Buddhist religion. According to UNESCO, Taxila ruins are one of the most important archeological sites of Asia.

Here, you will find Bihr Mound, Saraikala, Sirkap, Bhir and Sirsukh. The excavated coins, tools and sculptures are placed at the Taxila museum.


Pakistan should be on your travel list if you have limited budget and want to see natural and historical places at the same time. You can find cheap flights to Pakistan around the year, so it's always a great idea to visit this scenic country.


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