Four Historic Destinations in Ahmedabad

Four Historic Destinations in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the biggest city in Gujarat. The city is mapped on the banks of the popular River Sabarmati.

This land of Ahmed Shah is well-known for its luxurious past and for its connection with Mahatma (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi), the beautiful Soul.

Whether you talk about tourist places, divine spots, historic monuments or leisure spots, the city has everything for you. Just check out budget hotels in Ahmedabad and get your rooms booked for a memorable time in this city.

As of now, you can boost your excitement by going through these four incredible historic destinations of Ahmedabad.

Four Historic Destinations in Ahmedabad

  1. LalbhaiDalpatbhai Museum

This museum is also called L. D. Museum. It is a rich museum of splendid Indian sculptures, innovative wood works, involved paintings, delightful bead works, bronzes, manuscripts, coins and superb drawings. Not just this, LalbhaiDalpatbhai Museum also has a library that houses 45,000 printed books and about 75,000 manuscripts. There are also galleries inside this museum that are named after some of the renowned art collectors.


  1. Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi Ashram is unique to Ahemdabad and is one of the most toured tourist spots in Ahmedabad. History lovers have an exclusive place for this ashram in their hearts. It was a vital place for freedom of movement in the country. This movement was led by the Father of the Nation i. e. Mahatma Gandhi. Many exclusive activities have taken place at this place. The spot also has a beautiful museum having different belongings of Gandhi ji.


  1. Calico Museum of Textiles

This more than thirty-one-year-old Calico Museum of Textile is believed to be one of the liveliest textile museums in the world. Here you can go through the amazing collection of Indian fabrics that demonstrate handicraft textiles encompassing five centuries. The stuff here lures a huge number of visitors from both usual public and growing numbers of Indian and international research scholars. Through different rich things of this museum, you can have a glimpse of history!


  1. Bhadra Fort: A Historic destination

This fort was built by Sultan Bhadra Fort in year 1411 during the realm of Martha. The Fort is one of the prime fascinations of Ahmedabad. This regal fort has a regal palace, a lush green courtyard and a beautiful Bhadra Kali Temple. It has been believed that Goddess Lakshmi once stepped into this Bhadra Fort and blessed Sultan that his city was to always remain prosperous and well-off. Not just that, even today, it has been strongly believed that there are numerous hidden stashes of riches, somewhere deep in the fort.


Thus, it is indeed a treat to walk through so much of enlightenment, artistic aura and historic abundance.

The place is not just limited to these four destinations, there are plenty of other tourist spots too that will give you a wholesome feel.