Four Family Friendly Destinations in the Midwest

Four Family Friendly Destinations in the Midwest

The American Midwest is home to many family-friendly attractions that give everyone the chance to let loose and have some fun.

Whether you want to take your family to an amusement park, on a historical tour or on some other unique adventure, you will find it all in this part of the U.S. Here are four family-friendly destinations in the Midwest.


Four Family-Friendly Destinations in the American Midwest 

Meramec Caverns

Situated in the Ozarks near Stanton, MO, Meramec Caverns consists of a network of colorful caves that stretches more than four miles long. The multicolored limestone rock lining the caverns was carved by the hands of nature and is a feast for the eyes. Legend has it that infamous outlaw Jesse James once used the caverns as a hiding place. Walkways have been installed so that you and your family can take a safe guided tour through the caverns.


Discovery Center Museum

This attraction in Rockford, IL, features more than 300 interactive exhibits that are particularly entertaining for young children. These exhibits provide a fun way to learn about topics such as aviation, electricity and the human body. There is also a planetarium that gives further insight into star constellations and other aspects of the solar system. The outdoor Rock River Discovery Park includes a huge playground along with the Waterworks and Secret Garden exhibits.


Kings Island

If you are headed to Mason, OH, you can take your family to this popular amusement park. Kings Island is home to thrill rides such as the Beast and Diamondback rollercoasters and the Drop Tower. Congo Falls and Viking Fury are two of the top family rides. Planet Snoopy features rides that are particularly ideal for small children. You can even go for a spin on the Grand Carousel or take a ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower replica while visiting the park. If you have a young family and are ever worried about taking care of your children’s nursing and changing needs, don’t worry—they have a beautiful Family Care Center that was built by Fischer Homes where you can take the time to take care of all of that away from the hustle and bustle of the park.


Lincoln County Museum of Pioneer History

Located in Chandler, OK, this museum includes extensive collections of photographs and artifacts that tell the story of the local history. The museum is housed in two separate buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When touring the museum, you will have the chance to see Native American artifacts, colorful murals and a quilt room. An original outhouse is located behind the museum.


Visiting any of these Midwest attractions will give you and your family the chance to spend some time bonding together while taking part in new adventures.

These attractions offer something special to people of all ages.


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