Forget About Dim Sum, Hong Kong has the Best Scrambled Eggs Hidden in Kowloon

Forget About Dim Sum, Hong Kong has the Best Scrambled Eggs Hidden in Kowloon

Hong Kong might be known for its dim sum and Cantonese cuisine, but let me tell you it is also the most unlikely place where you can get the best scrambled eggs in the world.

Once upon a time, not se very long ago, my husband and I lived in Hong Kong. During our time there I would scour the Internet and blogs for the best that Hong Kong had to offer in terms of budget cuisine (we were living on quite a tight budget over there).

Hong Kong isn’t big on the breakfast scene and we often had to sought out Western franchises for a hearty egg breakfast and by franchises I mean nothing to skype home about. After many hours researching breakfast on the internet, watching the boats and ships come through the ocean strait between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, I found what was referred to as the greatest scramble eggs in the world.

This was a bold statement I thought. We had to investigate.


The Australian Dairy Company (I still to this day have no idea why it is called this and it makes this breakfast venue even more fascinating) is situated on Kowloon. Close to Jordan road.

You have to come very early as queues starts to form from as early as 7am. But don’t be worried about a long wait. This is not a chilled, relax and dining environment. It’s all about the egg. You get in, you order, you eat and you’re out. This is the unspoken, but well known rule that everyone who frequents The Australian Dairy Co. knows and abides to.


So once inside you are ushered very quickly to the nearest open space. A table for two, usually means wherever two chairs are available. We have ended up many times being the topic of discussion at a Cantonese family breakfast table. Looking at us, discussing our presence at their table to which we just tried to nod and smile politely.

We were most of the time the only non-asian customers.

The  ruthless waiters know why we came and on returning to take our order they confiscate the Cantonese written menu, raise two fingers and we nod. Soon the cramped spaces and hostile stares fade away once the scrambled eggs arrive.
The only way to describe it is heaven on a plate.
Seriously I have no idea what they add to those eggs, maybe dairy from and Australian company. Who knows and quite frankly who cares when anything tastes this good. The egg is so yellow it looks like something off a Plascon colour chart, and it is so creamy. The best way to eat it is to order it with two slices of toast, again how they get these fluffy squares to be so delectable must be a closely guarded secret. Now, once you have scraped the tablespoon of melting butter off your toast you put the scrambled eggs on top and add another layer of toast and now you possess the power to turn the next few minutes chowing it down into the most rich and rewarding culinary breakfast experience imaginable, as the waiter starts summoning you with their eyes to finish as the conveyer belt of people needs to constantly rotate.  
Ambience and decor would be wasted when food tastes this good.
My husband then usually goes over the top and orders a piece of french toast for what he calls ‘dessert’. Another tablespoon of butter melts. The french buttery toast is best accompanied with a dash of syrup from a Spur-like salad dressing container.

The last of the toast has not yet been properly swallowed as our table is being wiped clean and the plates cleared. The unspoken rule has been in forced and its time to move on. It is 7:25 and we are still walking on fluffy egg white breakfast clouds. Next stop, Starbucks and a walk through Kowloon park as the elders start practicing their Tai Chi…some of them with swords.

I miss Saturday mornings in Hong Kong and the best scrambled eggs in the entire world.


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