Foods in the street of Seoul, South Korea

Foods in the street of Seoul, South Korea

Snacks you can find in Seoul.

Eating is really important factor in many countries. Korea is definetly one of them. (there is a travel tip about seoul's food in this community already)

In the big holiday season everyone made tons of foods for neighboors, friends and family. Having a big meal is really important to us Korean. Every season we eat differently, every one has specific memories about food they eat while growing up. Even if those were junk food, still we love’em! There are lots of anactos about food and we do have great foods.

Now I introduce some of great street snacks you can find in Seoul.

1. Dak-ggo-chi: Chicken on a stick.
It is a basically barbecued chicken on a stick with sweet barbeque sauce. (Sounds similar with Satay-Malaysian food, but totally different taste) Vendors barbequing right infront of you. Hot, sweet, just so delicious! You should try it.
Some sauces can be spicy (Koreans use hot ingredients a lot) but normally it’s quite sweet.
I find lots of foreign friends love’em.
1000 won for one stick. (about $1 USD)

2. Yeot:
It’s Korean taffy. Made of grains with malt. Rice, pumpkin and ginger Yeot are very popular. In very old days, Yeot sellers were singing about yeot like troudour but perkier. Yeot had to cut by knocking because it’s so sticky. So they nocking the yeot with chisel while keep beet with the singing.
As you can see, it’s very sweet but not hard. Chewing is part of fun. But be careful! You might loose your filling!
Yeot making is part traditional culture. So you can find in “Insa-dong: traditional street” and many other places.
You don’t just chewing the chuck of yeot. Another way of enjoying yeot is, plane away the lump of huge yeot and roll around the stick to eat. (There’s a picture under this article). Ancestors sure knew the fun.
When I went to NZ I brought some of these for my emergency food and I gave those to good friends I met there. After they tasted yeot, they just can got over it! Just fascinated by the chewing and taste.

3. Man-doo: dumpling
A bun stuff with meet, port, vegetables. It’s sold more during fall and winter than summer. Because mandoo is steamed food.
Taste very fresh, feels like country food. Making procedure is fascinating. First prepare the stuffing. Then make the mandoo skin – little circle, flat dough. Put a right amount of stuffing on the dough then wrapped around it while making the shape. You will see when you eat it.
And there is wang-mandoo means very big mandoo. Twice size of the plane mandoo.
Tast mandoo with little bit of soy sauce. You will love them!
1000won for 5~7 mandoo.($1 USD )

4. Tteok-bok-i: rice cakes in hot sauce
If you dare, tast the most popular street food of all time! It called Tteokbokki. Cylinder shaped rice cakes cooked with Korean hot pepper sauce as a main ingredient. A lot of malt are in it, so we can taste the sweetness but for people who not familier with spicy food, it can be just damn hot.
Usually stores are infront of schools. Because it’s very cheap eventhough it’s so delicious. You can find these vendors in every corner.
Another popular food along with tteok-bok-I is Umuk. Umuk is fish cake in different shape. Usually sell with tteokboki. Dipped in the hot tasty soup. Eat with little bit of soy sauce.
These two foods sell any season of the year, but in the winter with a cup of Umuk soup and tteokboki- Couldn’t be better.
2000 won for a plate of Teokboki. ($2 USD)
500 won for a stick of Umuk.($0.5 USD)

5. Ho-teok
Looks like pancakes but different ingredient and how to make.
Hot pancake with brown suger based filling. Make dough with filling and toast on the pan. In the mean time you have to gently press the dough with spatula. It’s the key! (There’s a picture of this)
500 won for one Ho-teok ($0.5 USD)

6. Bung-u-bbang
A bun lookes like fish: carp. Filled with sweet red bean paste. Another winter cuisine. There are molds for fish shaped bun. When I was kid, I went to the vendor and watch how he made those for a long time. He filled with dough in the mold (there are 10~15 molds all connected) and put the stuffing, cover with little more dough then shut the mold. Little while later turn the mold otherside and cook some more. Just looked so cool!
1000 won for 4 buns($1 USD)

These food travel tips are literally everywhere in Seoul.
If you want some recommendation, I would say go to Jong-ro and Shin-chon, and check out the towns who has got a university!

There are so many more delicious foods out there.
Try it when you visit Seoul.

Written and contributed by jiyeon


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