Food is Now Allegedly Delivered to Your Berth While Travel in Trains

Food is Now Allegedly Delivered to Your Berth While Travel in Trains

If you love travelling, it’s almost definitive that you love travelling in trains.

And why shouldn't you? Travelling in trains is a lot of fun. You get to meet so many people and the beautiful views from the window are sure a treat to the eyes. That's one reason why quite a lot of people prefer travelling in trains rather than travelling by air. Now, even though everything about travelling in a train seems like fun. There are, however, some problems that you as a traveler can face.

One problem that all of us face while travelling from one station to the other is it becomes very difficult to get good quality food in the railways. It’s almost like a dream to find hygienic food at the railways. Food is something which nobody is willing to compromise on, any health conscious person would not want to have such quality of food and would try and avoid it as much as possible. As a result, it becomes essential to find ways to get healthier and better food while travelling.


Availing better food

Food, for many is considered to be one very important parts of the train journey, especially if the journey is long. People want food that is healthy, fresh, as well as worth the money. Thus, both quantity and quality become important. Also, people want variety in the food choices.

The good news is that the introduction of online sites and IRCTC have made the food delivery in train food delivery in train possible for all those looking for better food services, to order food that will be delivered to them at the next station. This has been a great step in making travelling by trains even more comfortable and convenient as now people don't have to worry about the food as they can choose and order as they like and fresh hot food will be delivered to them.


Availability of a variety of food

People can choose what they want to eat depending on their preferences as well as their mood. They can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. They can also choose between various cuisines- north Indian, south Indian, Chinese, Italian and what not. Also, prices are said to be fixed reasonably and the food is cooked neatly and is healthy.

So, you don’t have to worry about that as they ensure both quality as well as quantity. You can either call the helpline services or just order online. You just need to provide them with the trains PNR so they can track where the train has reached and get the food delivered accordingly. The order must be placed some time in advance. Depending on the service, payment can be made either on delivery of food or it can be online payments. Finally, when all the ordering is done, you can relax and just wait for that hot mouthwatering food that you'll be getting in sometime.


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