Five Top Reasons To Visit Brighton

Five Top Reasons To Visit Brighton

There is one place in the UK that you must visit if you want to feel free and alive and it's Brighton. It is the funniest and coolest city ever.


Here are the top 5 reasons for visiting Brighton:

1) The seaside

The greatest thing about Brighton is that sometimes, if it is a sunny day, you don't realise you are in the rainy and cold UK because you can walk along the beach, drink a glass of wine with your friends, organize a barbecue on the beach, or relax while playing a guitar.


2) Lanes

The most British places in this cosmopolitan city are in the center where you can smell freedom in every corner. Here you can find everything you need: vintage shops, old-fashioned music shops, second hand bookshops and a street market.


3) Nightlife

What makes Brighton special is the atmosphere at night. Drinking a beer in a pub with live music and chatting with friends is what I miss most about this is magical city. Pubs and clubs are full of energy and life every day of the year.


4) Brighton Pier

This is one of the most surreal and dynamic places in the town. It's like being a child again; you want cotton candy and sweets, to ride on the merry-go-round, and have your picture taken with the funny images on the wall as a famous lifeguard.


5) Street Art

Brighton has an artistic appeal and all the streets are full of talented people who want to share their passion for art and music with live shows. Also, the walls in the center are full of art,  The graffiti by young artists is fascinating


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