Five Reasons Why You Will Love Antarctica

Five Reasons Why You Will Love Antarctica

There are probably way more than 5 good reasons to travel to Antarctica, but this list gives you a taste of why you’ll want to see what is going on way down south…


1 - 24hr Sunlight

In December and January you can enjoy the longest days of summer and peer out through your porthole almost any time of day to see bright sky and a seal or two on an iceberg. It's a challenge to wrap your mind around 24 hours of daylight, but it is a blessing when you discover how much there is to explore in this surreal environment.


2 – Mind-blowing wilderness

Antarctica really is as out-of-this-world as you can get, without the aid of spaceship. The dramatic landscape of this this most mountainous continent is utterly magnificent. Icebergs the size of skyscrapers, iridescent blue glaciers and blind-white shelves of pack ice…so surreal and spectacular is Antarctica that you’d be forgiven for thinking that this unspoiled land couldn’t actually be part of our planet.


3 – Wonderful wildlife

From fur and leopard seals, to snow petrels and skuas, adelie and chinstrap penguins, Antarctica offers the most spectacular array of creatures. Pods of boisterous killer whales can swim within metres of your boat and what greater natural wonder than to watch a humpback whale teach her young calf to survive in the icy waters.


4 – End of the Earth

Antarctica is about as remote as remote gets. With a population that averages 2500 across a continent that extends 14,245,000 square km, you’re unlikely to bump into anyone by chance! It’s that wonderfully strange sense of having the place to yourself that adds to the appeal.


5 – You can hear an icicle drop

In today's frenetic, gadget-buzzing, computer-beeping world, simple peace and quiet is rare commodity. The silence that enshrouds this mystical continent is only punctuated by whales blowing and provides an opportunity to still the mind in a way that some mediation devotees aspire to their whole lives.


Wilderness, wildlife and as remote as it gets – these are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to travel to Antarctica.