Five Memorable Tourist Attractions of China

Five Memorable Tourist Attractions of China

Since the early ages, China the country with the highest population remains one of the most favorite destinations of the tour enthusiasts all over the world.

This is because this country has so much to offer travelers. If you are planning to go for a holiday trip, then China could be the best option for you. The picturesque landscape, rich culture, and fascinating architecture are there to cast a spell over you. In this way by visiting China, you can fill your thirsty mind with the best memory.

In the following discussion, you are going to explore some of the travel attractions of China.

So, before paying a visit to China, let’s look at the top attractions of this country.


Must-Visit Attractions of China

1) The Great Wall of China

This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This great wall is considered as the iconic symbol of China. This is the longest wall in the world and bears the pride of Chinese people. The wall deserves its place among the UNESCO world heritage sites in China.

The wall stretches from China’s East coast to the western frontier and the total span of the wall is 5000 km. if you pay a visit to Beijing, you will get a scope to find the best-preserved sections of the wall. The Great Wall of China can make your jaw drop.


2) The Forbidden City

Beijing, one of the most famous cities of China has lots to offer. The city was once considered as a “palace city” where common people were prohibited from entering. The Forbidden City bears the richness of the Chinese ancient architecture. Here you can find over 8000 rooms which have golden roofs. All the roofs are painted in red and yellow and are elegantly designed. This is known as “the palace museum” and is recognized as one of the five most significant palaces over the world. When you go for luxury China tours, do not forget to visit the city.


3) Giant Pandas

Giant pandas are the best tourist attraction. If you visit Chengdu, you can find them. This place is the home town of the panda. The top three places where you can find them are, Bifengxia Panda Base, Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center and Dujiangyan Panda Valley.


4) The Amazing Terracotta in Xi’an

For 2000 years the terracotta army was laid underground. In 1974 when the farmers dug a well, they discovered one of the most ancient archaeological sites in the world. It was considered as a world cultural heritage in 1987. Here travelers can find the hundreds of models that represent the army of China. 


5) Shanghai Bund

This is one of the most remarkable architectural symbols of the famous city Shanghai. This is considered as an example of architecture of international repute. The Bund was one of the most prosperous areas of Shanghai. In 1846, it became the epitome of beauty with the opening of the British office.