Five Good Reasons to Visit Cumbria in the Winter

Five Good Reasons to Visit Cumbria in the Winter

Like most places in the UK, Cumbria's tourist season runs roughly from Easter to the middle of October with peaks during the usual school holiday periods.


However there are several good reasons to visit Cumbria out of season:

1.  Parking

This may sound trivial but parking around here can be expensive and hard to come by.  From the middle of October through to Good Friday many parking restrictions and charges are lifted.  You will also find every car park very nearly empty which means that whatever you plan to visit, you won't have to fight for a parking spot.


2.   Cloud Inversions

Check out the photos to see just how amazing these can be.  Throughout the winter months, when the temperature in the valleys is lower than it is higher up, air becomes trapped leading to clouds forming on the ground instead of on the tops of the fells.  What appears to be a thick fog on the lake shore thins and disappears as you get higher, leading to spectacular views in glorious sunshine.


3.  Snow

Cumbria is unlikely to compete with any of the major ski resorts but we get our fair share of snow on the fell tops, usually starting in late November and lasting, on and off, through until late February.  There is nothing quite so breathtaking as a crisp clear day on a pristine snowy fell followed by a proper pie and a pint in a good local pub.


4.  Starlings

OK, so technically the starling murmurations happen just over the border in Lancashire, but as large chunks of south Cumbria are still considered by many to be part of Lancashire, I think that makes it OK.  Leighton Moss RSPB site is the best place for this and you need to be there about half an hour before sunset; earlier if you want to bag a good spot.  Starling murmurations are one of the wonders of nature as they swoop and dive in their thousands before settling down to roost for the night.


5.  Cheap accomodation

Excluding the Christmas & New Year period, accomodation in the region is much cheaper during the "off-peak season" with many hotels and holiday lets offering special deals, particularly at the weekends.  If you're looking for camping spots then these are generally harder to come by in January as many sites close for the month.


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