Fitness Trails and Spots in London

Fitness Trails and Spots in London

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body, this old adage keeps you fit and you look younger and happier.

Some of us are preparing for the London marathon and some are the ardent lovers of maintaining an athletic physique across all seasons, you might have different motivations but then to learn about these fitness tracks does you no harm.

There are five trails away from the crowded and noisy streets of London that keeps you connected to Nature.


The Trail at Regent’s Canal

This side track at Regent’s Canal has a beautiful view. Paddington station is close by and commuting there allows you to explore this trail. The Canal is a waterway which looks exquisite at night and blissful in the morning. It starts from the place called Little Venice, passes by parks, there is also a zoo where you can at times see hyenas moving around till you reach the famous Camden Market and at the end there is Limehouse Basin. This track is nine miles long and a definite heads up for joggers and runners. The view is great and it breaks the monotony. No wonder this place is accessible and likeable at all times of day.


Wandle Trail

A morning walk on the Wandle trail is a great feeling; this is a 12.5 mile stretch by the river Wandle that meets the River Thames .This trail has many parks on the way and two waterwheels. The stretch is open for walking; jogging and differently abled people can also enjoy the trail. It starts from East Croydon station and there are many other stations falling on this trail so that people can join the path from anywhere. It is very serene and beautiful and since the trail meets the Thames the view is amazing. There were times on various occasions that we took halts and sat to admire the beauty. Even when you want to take a stroll late in the evening it is a marvellous site to see. There is a stretch where you can fish too.


Hampstead Ponds

These ponds have an interesting history. When the soaring heat used to be too prickly for London gentry they would take dips in these wooded ponds on Hampstead Heath. The tradition continues, but with a changed flavour. There are three wooded ponds one for men, the other for ladies and the third is a mixed pool for both men and women. As you go uphill, especially for ladies the Kenwood Ladies Pond has a source from natural springs, thus you get the clearest water to bathe in and if you have time you can also sunbathe. The natural surroundings are dense here and thus it is lush green and acts as a canopy. The Hampstead mixed pond has vast stretches of uncultivated land and leafy avenues flanked by shaded woods. This gives you more freedom and you can just relax underneath the willow trees, amidst the lush undergrowth.


Yoga in the Shard

London is one of the skyscraper destinations and given a chance to be in one of them is something nobody would miss. This lethal combination with some really nice Yoga classes is an amazing combo and I can bet nobody will miss it for anything on this earth. Yoga is the in thing when the whole world turns east to cash on the countless benefits this century old form of exercise has to offer. This is a place called Yoga sphere providing weekly classes to the clients and in case you are looking for a place to destress do hit this place.


Holland Park Outdoor Gym

This is a complete package for those who are happy to have many options in one single place. This place has already attracted jogger, athletes, brisk walkers and Tai chi enthusiasts. This place has everything for everyone, from young teens to adults. There is a special dedicated zone that is utilised according to one’s whims and fancies. There is all the equipment one can think of in a gym. If you are looking forward to massages by masseurs then you have headed to the right place. The main attraction and something which people have come to like is that the instrument has a virtual trainer just for you on the screen, so that you do not have to look for help or wait to understand and there are other valuable tips shared with you while you are exercising. Once you over with your fitness regime head to the Dutch garden to enjoy the weather and ambience.


There are a whole lot of fitness options for the locals but the above five are the fitness gems in the crown of London city and something to watch out for while you plan to prolong your stay.