Find secret Roman Ruins in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

Find secret Roman Ruins in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

There are Roman ruins scattered all about Barcelona’s Barri Gottic (Gothic Quarter).

What makes these special you ask?

Well, these are quietly tucked away down one of the many mazelike alleys of the quarter, and many travelers do not know about this hidden room.

Not to mention that these ruins are fairly…unruined. In fact, they are pretty amazing ancient pillars, and definitely worth the small detour when you are out exploring Barcelona.

Make your way to the Barcelona Cathedral, not far from Plaza Cataluyna. If you are facing the front of Barcelona Cathedral, turn right and continue walking down Carrer del Bisbe.

You will reach a plaza; turn left and you will see a small street (Paradis) on your left and turn down that street. You should see an Irish Pub on the right. Take the first right past the pub and follow that down into a room opening.

You’ve found hidden Roman ruins!

Marvel in their ancient structure, and the horrible green color their room encasing is painted in.

On your way back, swing into the Irish pub and get a glass (or two or three) of their amazing sangria.

Written and contributed by cassamaria


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