Fight Back Against Mosquitoes with B1 Vitamins?

Fight Back Against Mosquitoes with B1 Vitamins?

Does this scenario sound familiar?

It’s a beautiful day out and you’re taking a stroll through the woods, but within minutes you hear the awful buzzing sound of mosquitoes.  You’ve forgotten to apply bug spray and before you know it the attack begins

You instantly feel itchy everywhere as you slap them away, running at full speed to get back to the car, at this point already covered in bites, while your partner doesn’t even seem to notice them, not getting a single bite the entire time?

This has been the story of my life, constantly covering myself in bug spray, or terribly regretting it if I forgot. 

Then, I was at the pharmacy last week picking up some more bug spray, when the woman behind the counter asked if I had tried taking B1 vitamins to help combat mosquitoes? Increasing your B1 vitamin level supposedly wards off mosquitoes, sand flies and midges.  Simply take one teaspoon a day of the liquid vitamins until the bottle is gone and the compounds effectiveness lasts for life. For life!

What an easy and pain free solution that definitely beats being covered in bug spray from head to toe all the time.  For only $24.99 for the bottle I figure I might as well give it a try – here’s hoping my mosquito bite days are over!

What is your secret to fight mosquitos? Please share your knowlege as a comment beneath... much appreciated!


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