Family of the Day at Disney World

Family of the Day at Disney World

I had always wanted to visit Orlando, but never had the chance when I was a child.

So, I was determined to take my own children.

We saved up, used air miles, hotel points and all other helpful financial means, and visited Orlando earlier this year. It was all pretty fabulous, but what was particularly special was being picked as family of the day at the Magic Kingdom.

This happened entirely by chance, as we were simply waiting in the queue, when someone came up to us and asked if we would like to open the park. We couldn't believe it, especially after we were ushered into the park and then driven around in a 1915 fire engine to have our own guided tour.

We took a whole load of pictures without other tourists in them (a real boon for a family, as one of us is usually taking the shot) and then we met the Disney cast and crew to take part in the opening show. We were carefully positioned (my husband next to Mickey Mouse, my daughter next to him, then my son and then me). I had to say "Good morning!" to the thousands of people down below and thought I sounded particularly English and Mary Poppins.

We were then given some badges (buttons in Americanese) and a couple of fast passes (fantastic), had more pictures taken, and were driven to our first ride of the day.


Although I think we were very lucky to be picked, these things helped:

1) Get to the park early. It was set to open at 9. We got there at around 8.10am and were picked around 8.30am.

2) Be friendly and seem as if you are looking forward to the day. We were at the front of the queue and talking to everyone around us, being excited and friendly.

3) Disney memorabilia may help! I'm not entirely sure about this one, but my son was wearing a Donald Duck cap.

Good luck!


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