Exploring Tropical and Historical Broome and Kimberly on Holiday

Exploring Tropical and Historical Broome and Kimberly on Holiday

Well over 2,000 kilometres to the north from Perth in Western Australia, the city of Broome is on the western coast of the Kimberly region known as one of the earliest coastline regions that were settled by Europeans.

Comfortable accommodations for different tastes and budgets are available. Those who choose holidays at this getaway city, can also book a car hire for independent travel anywhere they want to go in the area.

Broome is a beautiful place to enjoy the tropical weather and the beach, to check out local history and to go out exploring nature beyond the city. 


A Place for Historic Sites and Stories

As soon as the town was established for the pearling industry, Broome was settled by people from all over the world who were interested in pearls. John Forrest chose the land on which the city sits in 1883 and named it for Western Australia's governor that term, Sir Frederick Broome.

Pearling cost the lives of many as the grave sites in the Japanese cemetery tell with over 900 people buried there who lost their lives while employed in the industry.

Other local sites are fascinating with their unique stories of the area's rich past.

Cable Beach got its name because it was where the cable was laid under the sea between Singapore and Broome for communication with London and Europe. Additionally, Gantheaume Point is the place to see dinosaur footprints. Of course, the Visitor's Center is the perfect place to begin any stay in Broome, and the personnel have information on all the things to see in the region.


Things to Do around Broome

During their stay, those who have reserved a car hire can get out and go anywhere to experience what interests them around Broome. Here are some of the fun things to do around the city and nearby area:

Spend the Day at the Beach - Town and Redell Beaches as well as the famous Cable Beach provide space for all types of beach activities like beach-combing, lying in the sun, and a variety of outdoor sports. Swimming is permitted in certain areas and at particular times of the year. The turquoise sea and the powder-white sand are stunning.

Fly to Horizontal Falls - Visitors can do a quick fly-over. They can also spend the day around the falls. A day-trip includes flying to the area, thundering through the falls and traveling on up the creek by watercraft before the return flight. 

Go Bird Watching - One of the best places for bird watching is the coast of Roebuck Bay. Here, visitors can tour the Broome Bird Observatory. Shorebird tours and eco-tours are offered.


Exploring Western Australia's Kimberly Region

Kimberly in Western Australia where Broome is located is two-times as large as Victoria in the south of the country. Mountain ranges, cliffs and gorges of limestone and sandstone make the terrain dramatic. Some parts have pastureland for grazing cattle.

The rivers and coast provide opportunities for water sports. Venturing into the outback of Kimberley around the city of Broome makes a relaxing holiday out in nature.

With all the city and region offers, getaways here are true adventures where people can saturate themselves in a new place, outdoor sports, enjoying the scenery and just relaxing.