Exploring Six Treasures of Greece

Exploring Six Treasures of Greece

Popular for ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, mouth-watering delicacies and friendly warmth, Greece has been one of the most preferred destinations in Europe.

It comprises of hundreds of mountainous islands and all destinations offer a great experience. The stunning cultural delights, nightlife and landscapes surely offer a very good ambience for relaxation.

Given below are a few attractions that should not be missed when touring Greece.


Ancient Cape Sounio

Dedicated to the Greek Sacred God of the Sea, Poseidon, this temple in Sounio stands firm at the Southern tip. Here, you will find remains of the temple on the headland; the sea surrounds it on all 3 sides.


Second Largest City- Thessaloniki

This is the capital of Northern Greece and holds a reputation for lively festivals, social events as well as buzzing nightlife. Both old and new attractions are found here, including markets, museums, art galleries, colourful walls, Byzantine walls, Turkish baths and the White Tower. The nightlife is unmatched and fun can be added with small tavernas, nightclubs and a lot of entertainment spots.


Enjoy the Natural Beauty at Zagori

It is surrounded by 2 famous national parks and the geology is mind-blowing. Located in Greece’s north-western region, Zagori is known for its dense forests. The picturesque scenery is worth appreciating. For enjoying this perfect holidaying experience, hiking can be done on paths connecting various villages.


Explore the Adventurous Destination of Halkidiki

It is located near Thessaloniki and is famous for beaches and water sports. It has a shape similar to a trident peninsula and is known for nightlife, beaches and Mount Athos. Basically, Mount Athos is open for male pilgrims only; the peninsulas can be easily accessed through boat.


Traditional Peloponnese

This is similar to a leaf and initially, the island had gained popularity for “Morea” which means mulberry leaf. Located in the Southern tip of Europe and Greece, Peloponnese is a vast peninsula and is connected to mainland Greece via the Canal of Corinth and the Rio Antirrio Bridge. The rich and ancient culture of Greece is highlighted and it is known for Mycenaean palaces, Greek classical temples and Venetian fortresses.


Explore the Archaeological Site of Delphi

This is a very beautiful site after the Acropolis. Delphi is a very famous archaeological site. Basically, it is dedicated to Gods Apollo and Athena and the location of the place is amidst Mount Parnassus’ awe-inspiring beauty. It holds a lot of religious and spiritual significance and because of this, a lot of people visit this place. They get a lot of information about the politics and history of Greece. Some prominent structures of this place include the Athenian treasury, the theatre, the hippodrome and the Apollo temple.