Exploring Singapore for the First Time

Exploring Singapore for the First Time

Singapore is one of the most developed, happening and modern countries in Asia.

Now you may think traveling is easy. But if you are traveling to a country for the first time ever, then you need to be a little more prepared and must plan ahead of time. For those visiting Singapore for the first time, here is what you need to know.


Flying to Singapore

Singapore airlines is one of the fancy airlines out there and for its high end, professional services, it does charge passengers more than others. But it still remains as the best option to fly to the Island because the benefits certainly exceed the cost. Using Krisflyer miles, you can bag considerably lower priced air tickets. It is a good idea to maintain a frequent flyer account with Singapore airlines as their program is one of the best ones among others.


Hotel Options in Singapore 

Being a commercial, financial and business  hub of Asia, Singapore attracts millions of tourists as well as businessmen from all over the world every year. From small, less expensive ones to high end fancier ones, the hotel options are unlimited in Singapore. It all comes down to your budget.

Here, I have compiled a list of some of the best ones.


Marriot Singapore

Marriot is a well-known five star hotel chain and it does not need a long introduction. They have maintained quality and luxury all over the world. If you have the money, then go for Marriot to enjoy a relaxing stay.


Mandarin Orchard Singapore

The Mandarin Orchard Singapore is attached to a Mall and that is not the best part. The best part is its ideal location. It is walking distance to the metro station and very near to the Singapore Botanic garden.


Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park is not only beautiful but ideally located as well. Its exceptional services makes it stand out and all customers leave the place satisfied.


Hotel Nostalgia

Hotel Nostalgia is one of the economical options in Singapore. Without doubt their services are up to the par as well.


Top Tourist attractions

No place is able to attract tourists if it does not provide the right entertainment.

Here are some of the must visit tourist destinations to visit while you are in Singapore.


Night Safari

This is the only nocturnal zoo in the world boasting a wide range of species that continue to entertain millions of visitors every year. A night safari is always an exciting option.


Singapore Botanic Garden

Termed as the best botanical gardens in the world by many, this is a destination not to be missed when in Singapore.


Universal Studios

Goes without saying that Universal Studios are the top tourist attraction in Singapore. The theme park offers endless entertainment and fun.


Sri Mariamman Temple

This 19th century Hindu temple is one of the architectural wonders in Singapore. One that leaves all visitors in awe.