Exploring Playa de Mogan in Gran Canaria

Exploring Playa de Mogan in Gran Canaria

If you want to experience great weather by the beach, you ought to visit Gran Canaria. The island’s southernmost part is the warmest while the western part is the clearest. If you want to get that perfect tan, go to the south-western municipality of Gran Canaria, at Playa de Mogan.

Apart from the beaches and the sunny weather, there are plenty of things that you can do while you’re in Playa de Mogan. It is the second among the most visited places such as San Bartolome de Tirajana.

Let’s take a look at how you can best go around this enchanting municipality.


Exploring Playa de Mogan in Gran Canaria

Arriving at Playa de Mogan

Playa de Mogan is especially renowned for its interconnecting canals, making it seem like a Little Venice in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria’s major motorway is the port, GC-1. It starts and ends there. On the other point of GC-1 is the capital of the island. It is only one hour away if you drive by car. Arriving at the airport, it will take about forty minutes to get to Playa de Mogan.


Shopping to Your Heart’s Content

For those who enjoy shopping, you’ll certainly have a great time at Playa de Mogan where there’s an outlet of the renowned Fund Grube Emporium. It is located on Calle Alcalde Miguel Marrero. The same street has many stores where you can shop for posh fragrances and designer products.

In Avenida Playa Mogan, there is also a shop of The Mind Company where you can shop for Paul Smith, Mulberry, and Armani. For more high-end clothing and perfume, Alkauf has stores in Playa de Mogan as well as around Puerto Rico.

When you’re done shopping for those designer products, you can also check out the local items and have a more local experience in shopping. Go to El Hornillo which is on GC-200, on your way to La Aldea and to San Nicolas. If you’re feeling hungry from all the shopping, go to Panaderia Matos for cakes and bread. For more food experience, try Fruteria Las Casillas which is also known as La Papaya. It is because of the humongous papaya fruit outside the shop. It is a deli, cafe, as well as a grocery shop.


Festivities in Playa de Mogan  

The municipality actually has a very laid back atmosphere. It attracts older travelers instead of the younger crowd. But it can still be a great place to have fun and party. There are several fiestas that you can experience while in Playa de Mogan. If you go there in June, you’ll get to see the Fiesta of San Antonio which takes place on June 13th every year. The celebration is a sign of their respect for San Antonio, the patron saint. You can take part by wearing traditional Canarian clothes and go towards the church where you give offerings to the patron saint San Antonio.

For August, during the first Sunday, they have the Fiesta of San Antonia. The roots of these festivities date way back when the locals pledged to the saints after their crops were destroyed by locusts. You’ll learn much about the history and tradition of the municipality by observing these festivities.


Hitting the Waters

At the municipality, there are over fourteen beaches to choose from. You can go to a different one each day. The closest ones are Puerto Rico, Amadores, and Taurito with a water park. They are more packed as most of the tourists go there. If you want somewhere a bit quieter, try visiting Playa Medio Almud. It is found along the coast at GC-500. This was what formerly was the only connection from Playa de Mogan to the resorts found in the east.

Water sports enthusiasts are sure to adore Playa de Mogan. The AquaSports Gran Canaria are equipped with centers in Playa de Mogan as well as in Taurito. In Puerto Rico, you have the Canary WaterSports. Exploring the Atlantic is also an option while you’re there. You can get in touch with Scuba Sur at the resort called Anfi de Mar. They can guide you even if you’re just a beginner. You can also try Sea Trek for another amazing underwater experience. If you like to know what it’s like to be in a submarine and explore the ocean, Submarine Adventure can provide you with that. The choices are plenty.


Staying the Night on the Island

Playa de Mogan is made up of several resorts. You won’t have any trouble looking for a place to spend the night, even several nights. One of the hotels which are a favorite of travelers is the resort, Patalavaca’s Radisson Blu. There’s also the exquisite Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa. If you want to be a bit closer to the water features of the Little Venice, stay at Puerto de Mogan Hotel.

One of the friendliest chains around is the Riu. They have there a 4-star hotel called ClubHotel Riu found around Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, the Marina Suites and Marina Bayview can also be found.

In Taurito, you can stay at the Paradise Hotels as well as the Princess Hotels. For hostels with astounding sceneries of the port, you can choose between Friends Hotel or Volver Hotel. If you’re looking for apartments, there’s the Bahia Blanca if you’re around Puerto Rico, Marina Apartments and Amadores Beach Apartments or “Apartamentos,” as locals would call it  if you’re in Playa de Mogan



Once you’ve set foot in Gran Canaria, it will be a tough decision to leave the island. There’s just so many things to do, and each of these activities is just tempting and even addictive. You’ll surely enjoy the blue waters of the sea and the fine sand of the beaches as you sunbathe.

When it comes to getting your souvenirs, there are plenty of shops and products to choose from, from local items to high-end products. Restaurants and cafes are also plentiful. You can eat at a different restaurant at each meal, and you’ll still have so many of them to experience.

Gran Canaria is an exciting island to behold.