Exploring the Molyvos Castle on Lesvos

Exploring the Molyvos Castle on Lesvos

On the north side of Lesvos there is a small fisherman’s village named Molyvos. The village is situated just beneath an impressive castle with a long and exciting history.

The castle, called Molyvos Castle, was built during the Byzantine period on the ruins of an ancient fortress and some of the stones from the older castle was also used in building the previous one. 


The most well preserved fortress

The Molyvos Castle is the second biggest on Lesvos and it is recognized as the most important one mostly due to its strategic location. Over the years the castle and its buildings has been added and rebuilt to fit the present use of it. The most recent and big modification was done during the Ottoman period from the 15th century and forward when the fortification was strengthened. During the later years the castle has been partly renovated, and is now one of the most well preserved fortresses in Eastern Mediterranean. 


How to get to the castle

When you visit Molyvos make sure to visit and explore the castle. To get to the top of the hill you can follow the signs in the city center or just walk randomly in the streets leading upwards. The steep and winding streets of Molyvos will all lead to the castle, one way or the other. From the port and up it will take you approximately 20-25 minutes in a slow pace. Make sure to enjoy the walk and take in the beautiful streets and charming everyday life in the village on your way. 

When you reach the top you will have a fantastic view over the village and surrounding area. The castle is open for visitors during the daytime but you can also enjoy the view from outside the walls in the evening. Explore the castle and it’s many exciting walkways on top of the walls, but pay attention if you visit with kids as most of these walkways are not secured and some parts might be dangerous if you get to close to the edge. 


The best photo spot

The perfect spot for a nice selfie or framed shot of Molyvos is from the front wall of the fortress. You can find ceveral openings in the wall that is perfect for posing or just capturing the village and beach below. 


Join a cultural event

If you are lucky you might be in the area during an event in the castle. In the summer season the castle is frequently used for events, concerts and cultural gatherings and even though I have not attended one, I guess it’s quite magical! There is a permanent stage in the courtyard and all the lights must create the perfect setting for a late night concert. 


Enjoy the view with refreshments

After a nice castle adventure make a stop at the small café on top. They serve refreshments, light meals and ice cream and also offer a fantastic vies. On a hot summer day the breeze is a well deserved treat if you walked your way up there!


Travel tip shared by Janicke for Travel Dudes.


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