Explore Singapore Beyond Malls and Skyscrapers

Explore Singapore Beyond Malls and Skyscrapers

Singapore may not be that vast but it offers unique places and experiences. Some of them are even hidden from locals.

We have made a list of such places so you can get a share of local life in this country. But, these places can change anytime due to fast pace of development. So book a flight to Singapore now.


The Last Kampongs

The Kampong, located at Lorong Buangkok, will take you to the decade of the 1950's. This place is the last ounce of resistance being made against the influx of modern development. The village has around two dozen families. The kampong is protected by a wall of trees. The area is called home by the residents, a place where their ancestors lived a simple blissful life. You will experience the true serenity and simplicity of old times. There are two ways to reach here: either you can use Ang Mo Kio MRT station or the Buangkok MRT station.


Sembawang Hot Spring

At first, you will get confused by the barbed wire fence around the leisure center and take it as a military compound. But once you are inside, you will get a glimpse of Singapore's hot spring. This spring was discovered in the early 20th century by a Chinese merchant. The Sembawang Hot Spring, located in the far north of Singapore, has a very colorful history. Its water have been bottled by Fraser & Neave, the Japanese forces used it for recreational baths but the government saved it from the military and opened it for the public. But despite its constant use, it is still providing thermal water. The water has healing property. So if you have some sort of allergies, Singapore will not only heal your body but also fill your soul with its amazing sights. 


The Grassy Train Line of Singapore

The rail track between Tanjong and Woodlands was closed in July, 2011. Since then, locals have been using this abandoned track as a place where they can avoid the street rush and relax. The starting point of this train line is CBD and it makes its way in the northwest, spreads across train bridges and Singapore's most beautiful and pricey real estates. You can take a tour of this green area through Green Corridor website or print its map and explore it by yourself.


The Bukit Brown Cemetery

The home of more than 100,000 graves, Bukit Brown Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Singapore. Most of its graves have detailed Chinese-style headstones and tombs. Many of the earlier pioneers of Singapore are buried here. However, it was abandoned in 1973 and locals have thwarted efforts for its redevelopment. You should visit this cemetery early in the morning.


The sights of Singapore are a feast for history lovers and modernists alike. It all depends on what you choose. Regardless of your Singaporean destination, you have to book early to get deals on cheap flights to Singapore.