Explore Hue: The Ancient Citadel of Vietnam

Explore Hue: The Ancient Citadel of Vietnam

Located in the central region of Vietnam, which is known for its hot, harsh weather, Hue is situated by the Huong River and is refreshingly cooler and has lots of greenery.


The Peace and Calm of Hue

Unlike other cities and tourist attractions, the ancient capital always conserves its air of peace. It is very rare to witness traffic jams here, even in rush hours or on holidays. If you go out at 9 p.m, there are very few people on the road. Instead, we only hear leaves rustling, the glow of street lights and several night stalls or restaurants.

Nevertheless, this ancient citadel is not boring at all. For first time visitors, very few people can hide their surprise at seeing ancient sculptures throughout the region. The imprint of the ancient capital city is shown by the citadel gate or constructions built along the river in the period of the Nguyen kings. The city's artistic merit is also reflected through new statues along the Huong river.


Things to See in Hue

In Hue, tourists are attracted by a host of destinations. There's the Trang Tien bridge across the Huong river, which becomes charming in the daytime and splendid in colorful lights when the night falls. Even if walking around the whole day, you cannot explore all the ancient works of the Citadel or the system of tombs of the Nguyen emperors created by talented artists and craftsmen of old.

If you have more free time, you should rent a motorbike to travel around the city, go through the citadel gates or visit the renowned temples; Thien Mu pagoda with the high tower amid lush pines overlooking the vast river region. Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda is surrounded with a vibrant orchid garden, a dark purple nenuphar garden and the friendly architecture where tea and coffee are always available for visitors.


The Food of Hue

Hue is famous not only for ancient architecture, but also idyllic and delicious dishes. You can enjoy Che Hem with various flavors (the food stall is located in a small alley and always crowded with customers), or rice with mussels caught from the Huong river. Vo Thi Sau bakery is also an eating destination not to be missed; here you can savor numerous kinds of cakes such as beo cake, uot cake, bot loc cake, nam cake, etc.