Experience Perth's Nightlife

Experience Perth's Nightlife

Perth's hedonisic night scene may require babysteps, so we've selected a balanced choice for those experiencing it for the first time:

The Brass Monkey

The Brass Monkey is a Perth staple and it's the most photographed hotel in Perth. You’ll understand why when you see it lit up at night.

At the Brass Monkey there are so many choices to make and areas to enjoy. There’s an upstairs bar and balcony overlooking William Street, an upstairs grill restaurant, sports bar, and three areas of the main bar leading to the courtyard. And then there’s Grapeskin, The Brass Monkey’s award winning wine and tapas bar offering an extensive wine list and modern food.

Location: 209 William Street, Northbridge.


Durty Nelly's

Durty Nelly’s was designed and constructed in Ireland by Irish architects, using genuine Irish materials. It was then disassembled transported to Shafto Lane in the heart of Perth Western Australia and reassembled.

Durth Nelly’s is divided into three sections:

- The Brewery Bar: it reflects ancient Brew house traditions and the design was inspired by the original Guinness brewery: St James Gate Dublin.

- The Victorian: ornate and decorative, designed to emulate the nineteenth century Victorian era in which detail and quality craftsmanship went hand in hand with the philosophy that is as vital to please the eye ass the palate.

- The General Merchant: it takes its appearance from a traditional public house, reflecting a time when a pub would double up with all manner of other businesses: grocers, tailors etc.

Location: 397 Murray Street


Mint Nightclub

One of the cooler clubs in Perth, situated in the popular Northbridge area. Indulge yourself with the deliciously decadent cocktail list and party to your favorite tunes in a playful and friendly atmosphere. With regular Friday and Saturday events and free entry before 10pm ($5 – $10) thereafter, Perth descends on Mint Fridays for their Retro fix from the 80s and 90s and Saturdays for the latest R&B and commercial.

Location: Corner Lake and James Street, Northbridge.


Geisha Bar

False modesty will get you nowhere fast and Geisha is unashamedly elitist, revered as the destination on the sunny side of midnight, celebrating all that is grandiose & decadent about club land, everyone who ascends into Geisha is sex appeal incarnate. No Cougar Bourbon here, just an edgy cat walk of designer teez, feline finery, op shop ensembles, and nifty fringes.

Location: 135a James Street, Northbridge.


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