Experience Kolkata During Durga Puja

Experience Kolkata During Durga Puja

It is Dussehra time and the famous Durga Puja is round the corner.

The first city to mention is Kolkata, India when it comes to this festive period. It is widely held that Durga Puja is best celebrated in the City of Joy.

If you have never been to Kolkata it is about time to visit.


Traveling to Kolkata by Train

Before you read further, book train tickets first. You can plan the itinerary and everything else later. The reason is that it is the time to expect heavy rush on Indian railway trains and on those bound to Kolkata the demand for reservation tickets is definitely high at this point of time. So you can try booking under Tatkal or any other applicable quota as well. If you get a waitlisted ticket, check the PNR status until the chart is prepared. Nowadays there are many online sites offering pnr confirmation prediction, which is a good way to know if you would get a confirmed berth or whether you should look for alternate options. Since there are so many trains run by the Indian railway network, you might get lucky and find a reservation at the last minute.


The History of Kolkata

Kolkata is a surprising city that has stood the trial of time. The city offers the marvels of both the new and the old and the people here are quite warm. The city's legacy has stayed in place even after such a large number of years.

India is quickly changing as the new-age advancement has begun to change the towns. In the midst of this, Kolkata is one place that has not yet lost its legacy and heritage. This place, nicknamed the City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre, has everything that an interesting town can have, with its old feel and nostalgic touch. Kolkata is one place that is the most-loved among many travelers over the world and countless number of tourists arrive here every year.


Kolkata During the Festive Season

You can explore the Dussehra fervor in many ways while you are in the city. Right from celebrated structures to memorable landmarks to diners and parks, there are distinctive sorts of attractions for guests and everyone has something to suit them. Dussehra time is when Kolkata is illuminated by light all over the city and the streets are decorated in such a manner as if it is Christmas time in the west.

Yet, taking this visit as a chance to explore the city, you can visit the Victoria Memorial too, which is a great tourist point of the city. You can likewise visit the Esplanade and the Howrah Bridge for some recreational time. The Indian Museum, Dakshineshwar Mandir, Eden Gardens, and so on are some other prevalent spots to visit in Kolkata. Dakshineshwar Mandir is at its all time high when it comes to religious gusto, owing to the pujo spirit of the masses.

If you want to get a peek of the posh areas, visit Salt Lake. Spend a nice time during Durga Puja at Kolkata and see the city like you never have. It’s a wonderful sight when the Bengalis dressed in their ethnic attire adorn the streets and pandals are visited in every nook and corner of the city.


So, visit the City of Joy now. Have a great time!