Experience the Enchanting Sapsan Bullet Train

Experience the Enchanting Sapsan Bullet Train

The people of Russia have the benefit of being able to travel in the super fast Bullet train- the Sapsan train that runs between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


The Journey Time and Frequency

The train takes 4 hours to reach the station and does almost 10 departures each day and people are excited to travel in this luxurious train to avoid the hectic traffic in the city centers.

Enjoy the special comforts available on the train. The Sapsan train journey is so luxurious and comfort-oriented for the passengers that it competes with flights crossing the same route.


Benefits of the Bullet Train Over Air Travel

Despite the flight time being just 1 hour from Moscow to Saint Petersberg and vice versa, and taking passengers from Pulkovo Airport near Saint Petersberg to any one of the 7 airports namely Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Myachkovo, Ostafyevo, Bykovo and Ramenskoye, many Russians prefer traveling by the fast Sapsan bullet train.

If a passenger decides to travel by the Sapsan train, he just has to catch the train at Moskovsky station and reach Leninggradskaya station in Moscow. If he catches the train in morning, he could enjoy the luxury of the train conveniently and relax until he reaches the station at Moscow at noon. The Sapsan train has earned remarkable rating due the comfort level it confers to passengers with its high speed feature. It is said that Sapsan is the only train that is facilitated with such features when compared to all other trains in the world.


Different Traveler Classes

The Sapsan train is facilitated with varied traveler classes that cater the requirements of different people. The comfort experienced by first and second class passengers are one and the same with the exception that first class has additional leg space and Wi-Fi access. The travel classes of the Sapsan train include a conference cabin, business class, premium class and economy class.

The Conference cabin is enriched with a personal dinner table, sofa, footrests, tap lights, displays, entertainment systems, 220 V outlets, Wi-Fi access, one hot meal and cold drinks. Premium class is facilitated with electric and headphone plugs, magazines, table and footrests, back rest with adjustable provision, Wi-Fi and meal with soft drinks. Business class is featured with the same facilities as that of the premium class with an exemption that snacks are provided on request at an additional price. Economy classes comes in 2 versions as economy class + and economy class. Economy class + is facilitated with all amenities in the business class with the exception that it is devoid of Wi-Fi, entertainment systems, video and audio gadgets and meal with soft drinks. But economy class has the features of economy class + and cold snack is exempted in this class.

The Sapsan train as a competitor to the airline journey, is facilitated with all the check-in systems similar to that of an airline model. Yes! You have automatic check-in, booking of tickets can be done online and boarding requires just a passport. The traveling experience on this luxurious train not only provides comforts, but you obtain first class service from attendants. The attendants will take care of your luggage as well. The cabins are well maintained and very clean.


Booking A Train Journey

For most people it’s a dream to travel on the wonderful Sapsan train. Don’t miss the trip in this enchanting Sapsan bullet train. The Russian trains website is rated as the most trusted online booking service and it provides you ease of booking. If you decide to book Russian train tickets, as a bonus you receive Russian visa invitations for free and this facility is available when you book tickets.