Experience the Best of Kerala

Experience the Best of Kerala

Life is to be lived and not taken seriously. Maybe you are having a bad time in the office, tough moments in relationships or simply living a dull routine; but the good news is that you can do something about this.

Yes, what you need is fresh air. Take a holiday, go on a vocation and revitalize yourself. Allow the beautiful destinations to fill you with rejuvenation.


Where to start from?

To start with, you can explore some extremely gorgeous destinations of Kerala. This is the Lord’s land and has some spectacular tourist destinations to turn the heads of both domestic and universal tourists. There are lovely hill-stations, commercial cities, backwoods, villages and much more to explore.

The rich culture and heritage of Kerala also attract nature lovers from all over the world. Once you step into this charming paradise, all other things will appear dull and fading. The good part is that you can enjoy all this abundance without making any big hole in your pocket.


Experience the best of Kerala

Since Kerala has so many tourist destinations for its visitors, how about having a look at some of them? Yes, just dive into some of the most popular and enjoyed places of this paradise!


Munnar: a Combination of gorgeousness and Calmness

One of the most popular hill stations in Kerala is Munnar. It is one of the finest spots to visit in Kerala. With about eighty thousand miles of tea plantation, equal measures of aromatic vegetation, valleys and low-hovering clouds, Munnar is a hill station that has come up as one of the finest destinations to visit in Kerala for exploration and mainly for a romantic honeymoon. There are sweet bungalows, comfy homestays and comfy lush hotels and resorts in Munnar (look for accommodation in Munnar).


Kumarakom: Loaded with outstanding Sceneries

Mapped near Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a peaceful little hamlet along with interesting sceneries, ever pleasant weather and arresting flora and fauna. You can experience a mix of everything here: authentic Kerala cuisines, backwoods, fresh gusty air, warmness of Keralite and delicious fresh coconuts. There are also loads of accommodation options in Kumarakom.


Alleppey: ruler of Boondocks

Alleppey enjoys a prominent place in the list of the finest tourist places in Kerala. The houseboat stays, backwoods tours and peaceful beauty of this place fascinate a good number of people to its land. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that it is one of the most famous spot to taste Kerala’s backwaters.

The depiction of Lord Curzon about this place Alleppey as Venice of East is not at all an overstatement. A houseboat holiday is what tourists look for on visit to this land. Different areas of lovely paddy fields, old-fashioned sanctuaries, lakes full with water lilies and interesting fishing hamlets make Alleppey one of the finest places to visit in Kerala.