The Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia - Don't get lost at 25 stages!

The Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia - Don't get lost at 25 stages!


You literally have more chances to get lost within the 25 stages at EXIT than not finding a music genre you love at this event.


Organized on a steep hill in an impressive castle facing the majestic Danube, the festival is not all about music. It’s a place of good foods, authentic Balkanic atmosphere and intensive partying. Being one of the most popular student destinations in Europe , attending Exit one experiences an unique environment characterised by billions of decibels and a very strange yet uncontrollable desire to dance like there will be no tomorrow.


Exit  was born as a sign of protest against a problematic and cruel government that put Serbia in a very delicate yet bad position in an international context. Slightly reminding of stuff stock and the long gone hippies, Exit festival offers its participants a mystique feeling of spiritual freedom. In other words, the amazing names that are on the festival’s lists, the music, the dance floors and the whole crowd provide the perfect ingredients to have the best time of your life.


After winning the top place in the UK Festival Awards in 2007, Exit gained great popularity within the students in the UK which represent nearly 30% of its participants.  In recent years the line-up at exit contained well-known names like: The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Franz Ferdinand, Cypress Hill, Korn , Missy Elliott, Placebo, Mika, David Guetta or Nightwish securing the event with a consistent international crowd. 


The tickets for the festival have a very reasonable price of 100 euros for 4 explosive days (actually nights) and can be purchased online straight from the festival’s website. Getting there is quite tiring and adventurous so the trip needs a very careful planning.  


The closest airport are Belgrade and Budapest. 



Written and contributed by Alexandru