Exemplary Iceland

Exemplary Iceland

Iceland has been without doubt one of the most exquisite, surprising and comforting destinations I have visited in life.

Even though it was my very first time, I can only feel thirsty and curious for more of Iceland, winter or summer, day or night, hot or cold, solo travelers or families on travel. It doesn't matter.

Iceland is definitely a place for anyone and under any circumstance!

So let me show you why you need to take your next vacation oriented to this marvelous country.


1. Geothermal Everything

From the light bulb on your night table, to the natural soothing waters where to spend a relaxing evening out on the cold. All of Iceland is about geothermal energy - meaning natural energy - making them one of the few places on Earth that lives and could survive on their own natural resources. Simple exemplary...because they actually do. Electricity is so cheap, they can even decorate cemeteries all over during christmas time, making it an amazing thing even for tourists. Lovely views as weird as it may sound!


2. Self-sufficient

In Iceland, they grow 65% of all veggies consumed country wide. They also produce a great percentage of their dairy products, which by the way are quite exquisite, noticable through their particularly natural and pure taste. They have more sheep than they have citizens too, which makes a main source of wool and meat to be consumed by everyone without being massive or enviromentally aggresive.


3. Enviromentally Friendly

As an island, they have a strong diet on fish of course. However, they never put the place on risk. Why? Simple: because they know that the smart and best way is being balanced (as in life itself). They use and consume just what they need instead of doing massive fishing, exportation, sales or others. They have no need. Wise Iceland!


4. Open-Minded

Seems to me after mentioning all these, that such a place can only evolve into good things. People doesn't really got time to think or worry about certain (unnecessary) things because they are busy making a living, a healthy one, both in mind and body. And this is directly a synonym of an open mind. Their lifestyle as a whole is definitely one of the most exemplary lifestyles I have seen and sensed abroad.


5. Geological History

Yes, you can actually not only see but walk right on top of Earth's history when you visit Iceland...and this is simple fascinating! Being between two tectonic plates while being explained where exactly you are standing, how their movement is, how they got there and how many thousands of years you got under your feet...trust me, it feels both empowering and timeless, with a slight sense of feeling so tiny right there. It is actually humbling and touching!


So yes, Iceland came to me as an unimagined opportunity and ended up teaching more of life and lifestyle than I could have ever imagined, for my own life, mind and body as well. Puts a lot of thinking into your own self which is only a good and positive thing we all need in life.

As I can recall the place and try to summarize a bit of it, I can just think of some words in order to describe the country and live its experience. And these words are:

Healthy - Balanced - Mindful - Natural - Fresh - Educated

So if you like the sound and thought of any of these words, then Iceland is for you indeed and should be on your next vacay list. You will come happily changed after sensing it, just like I did.


*Extra Tips to the Icelandic Experience


Where to Stay in Iceland?

On our experience, we had a splendid time at the Icelandair Hotels throughout the country. All comfortable, well located, well connected to the diverse airports, and definitely affordable prices. Feel free to check these out for your trip to Iceland!

Two nights at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina costs from £131 per person based on two people sharing a double room, including breakfast. For more information please visit icelandairhotels.com/hotels/reykjavikmarina or call+354 444 4000

Two nights at Icelandair Hotel Akureyri costs from £107 per person based on two people sharing a double room, including breakfast. For more information please visit icelandairhotels.com/hotels/akureyri or call +354 444 4000

One night at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura costs from £48 per person based on two people sharing a double room, including breakfast. For more information  please visit www.icelandairhotels.com/en/hotels/natura or call+354 444 4500


What to Do?

Several spas and tour companies operate in the entire island, making your trip planning a lot easier if desired. Here are some of our best picks:

Reykjavik Excursions

Laugarvatn Fontana

Saga Travel


Enjoy your Icelandic Experience!


Travel Tip shared by Mariana Calleja for Traveldudes


*This trip was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Icelandair Hotels. Every opinion are entirely the own of the author'.