Exciting Egypt: 5 Things Not To Miss

Exciting Egypt: 5 Things Not To Miss

Egypt is a beautiful, diverse and exciting destination full of spectacles, antiquities and mysteries.

Home to some of the most famous ancient wonders and monuments, this mystical land is truly a godsend for archaeologists and history junkies, thanks to its fascinating collection of pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphs and temples.  What’s more, the country has a very rich medieval heritage, with ancient mosques, monasteries and churches punctuating its landscape.

To top it all off, Egypt has a world of thrilling outdoor adventures that would give you a ton of pleasant memories from your holiday. From insider local haunts and hot spots to classic must-see sites, Egypt has an endless array of attractions to offer to its visitors. 

So, what are the best things to do in this destination?

If you don’t have a concrete answer to this question, then check out the suggestions below...


The Mysterious Pyramids

No trip to Egypt is complete without a sojourn to Giza’s astonishing necropolis.  Listed as one of the world’s seven ancient wonders, Giza’s pyramids are, without a doubt, the undisputed star of the country’s burgeoning tourism industry. Nestled near Cairo’s southwestern suburbs, these historic monuments are not only shrouded in mystery, but they are quite an eyeful as well. 

Known as one of the world’s premier attractions, Giza's Pyramids are a symbol of the creativity and architectural genius of the ancient Egyptian civilization. In addition, these pyramids bear testament to some of the earliest triumphs of mankind. Together with the striking Sphinx, these structures are the iconic images that best represent Egypt. 


A Nile River Cruise Ride

Taking a cruise along the legendary Nile River is a must for anyone visiting this country. After all, it is the longest and most popular river in the whole world. Not to mention, it has portrayed a crucial role in nearly all of ancient Egypt’s best known stories, such as Cleopatra’s rule and the discovery of baby Moses in a drifting basket. 

As a tourist, a cruise through its historic waters in a traditional sailing boat (also known as felucca) is a terrific way to get a feel of Egypt’s colorful past. Plus, a cruise ride will give you picturesque views of the area’s unique and gorgeous landscapes.


Red Sea Scuba Diving

Mentioning a visit to Egypt’s Red Sea would send diving enthusiasts into a spasm of envy, and for a good reason. Below the sea’s azure and cool waters are stunning reefs, coral gardens, WW1 wrecks, walls, pinnacles, towers, sheltered reefs and millions of tropical fish. A host to a number of world-class diving resorts, the Red Sea also has great visibility, making it the ultimate destination for scuba divers.


A Visit to One of the World’s Largest Religious Sites

Even though it is badly ruined, very few Egyptian sites are as impressive and stunning as Karnak. One of the world’s largest religious sites, Karnak is massive complex of obelisks, pylons, kiosks, and sanctuaries dedicated to the pharaohs and Theban gods. Everything here is on gigantic scale, including the Amun Temple, which is largest religious edifice ever made in history.


Abu Simbel

The Abu Simbel is an awe-inspiring sight that will send shivers down the spine of its spectator. Built in the 13th century BC by Ramses II, this archaeological spectacle has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its grandeur, sheer size and intricate design.