Evangelia - A Popular Shipwreck at Costinesti, Romania

Evangelia - A Popular Shipwreck at Costinesti, Romania

Evangelia has been a business ship, constructed by the same shipyard which built the Titanic, Harland & Wolff in Belfast, Ireland, and launched on 28th of May, 1942 with the name of "Empire Strength".

Later it has been known as "Saxon Star", "Redbrook" and eventualy "Evangelia", its last proprietor being the Greek corporation Hanton Embinas Andros.

Within the night of 15th of October, 1968, on a dense haze, the ship sailed very close to the seacoast and beached between two immersed rocks at approximately 200 m from shore in the vicinity of the village Costinesti, in the place where it lies right now.


The place whereabouts the ship beached is a very rocky one, that could have made the rescue procedures costly and probably dangerous.

The vessel, that has been a really old vessel at that moment, has been left by the crew and thus became the property of the Romanian state and it is nowadays the most known shipwreck from the Romanian coast. 

Shipwreck story is very controversial and several tales have arisen over time. The favourite is that the ship was the property of the well-known shipowner Aristotle Onassis that, with the captain, might deliberate the wreck of Evangelia to collect the insurance.

Deliberately wreckage hypothesis is usually reinforced by cons that, during this disaster, even though haze seemed to be pretty thick, the sea had been really silent as well as all equipments worked perfectly. The former Romanian communist regime had always been quiet in regards to the conditions in which the merchant vessel wrecked.


Within the next decades, Evangelia has fascinated more and more travelers causing the development of the community tourism and so becoming the emblem of Costinesti. Though it is in a sharp state of decomposition, Evanghelia obstinate to remain upright, almost in the exact same condition in which it wrecked.

If you pay a visit to Costinesti, rent a motorboat to take a tour of the wreck at sunset, it is really impressive.


You might find a lot of accommodation possibilities by searching on the web page Cazare Costinesti. Costinesti, known as "The Youth Resort", is open to tourists from May to late September, but the best season is in July - August when all restaurants, bars and the biggest Disco in Romania are opened.


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