An Epic Guide to Train Travel in Sri Lanka

An Epic Guide to Train Travel in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a marvelous green oasis found at the tip of India with picturesque landscapes, gushing waterfalls, stirring oceans and lush green forests. The golden beaches of Sri Lanka are admired all over the world since eternity. The bewitching coasts of Sri Lanka give paradise-like views especially during dusk and dawn. Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka is an amalgamation of modernity and traditional past. The Sri Lankan beaches with alluring coasts, splendid waves and golden sun have been attracting tourists worldwide. Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Narhenpita, Hikkaduwa, Ella, Dehiwala, Borella are some of the scenic places in the island nation.

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Just imagine, sitting in a train compartment, treating your eyes with the majestic beauty of tall trees, dense forests, sparkling waterfalls and sloppy hills while sipping on your favourite coffee. The cool breeze giving shivers can be an icing on the cake. Well, this is what a train journey to Sri Lanka has in store for you. Riding a slow moving train can be a breath-taking experience with ample of scenic ways and picture-perfect places to make some great memories.

Keep these things in mind while covering the local journey via train. Here is an ultimate guide to train travel in Sri Lanka:

  1. Check the train times and fares well in advance to save time. You can do so from the official Sri Lanka railways website. Checking the time locally by calling is the best option as time may vary for the same train on two different websites.
  2. The ticket availability differs for reserved and unreserved cars. Second- and third-class unreserved cars have no availability of online booking. However, many long distance trains have second- or third-class reserved cars and very few have first-class reserved cars. At the main Colombo Station, specific windows deal with specific routes. The tickets for these cars can be pre-booked offering the passenger a fixed seat with no crowd. There is no online booking facility available. Thus, all those planning their next trip to Sri Lanka are advised to get in touch with an agency to get their tickets pre booked.
  3. Finding your train in most of the Sri Lankan railway stations can be a tad bit troublesome as they don’t have departure indicators or destination boards on trains. However, you will find an electronic arrival and departure board at Colombo Fort Station. Keep in mind that only the final destination is displayed and not the mid stops. For example, if you are going to Elle, your train’s destination might display Badulla.
  4. Take care of your luggage and carry your own food especially if you are travelling through reserved cars. Also, carry enough water bottles as it might get hot and humid.



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