Entering Thru Ciudad del Este - ITAIPU

Entering Thru Ciudad del Este - ITAIPU

It is considered as one of the seven wonders of the modern world and was built at the Paraná River boundaries of Paraguay and Brazil.


Impressive structures. Guided visits are classified in tourist visits, special visits and technical visits. Reservations have to be made with an anticipation of at least one week Monumental lighting: 600 lighting devices with a power of 1200Kw are simultaneously and synchronized projected at a length of three kilometers on the power plant. This unique experience offers an original show of lights, sound and colorful visual sensations to the visitors. Reservations can be made until Thursdays. The show takes place only on Fridays and Saturdays at sunset (summer and winter timetable subject to confirmation)..


Environmental Center of the right riverside. Located at the highway connecting Ciudad Presidente Franco with Saltos del Guairá, 11.5km away from Ciudad del Este, between the power plant of Acaray and the city of Hernandarias, at a distance of 2km of the entrance gate to the power plant of Itaipú.


There are: El Museo de la Tierra Guaraní. This museum is a unique area for the investigation, observation, education and spreading of the Guaraní culture and the regional environment. Like First World museums, highly interactive multimedia technologies are used. Phones: (595 61) 599 8782/8626.


Zoo and Investigation Center for wildlife, tree nursery and aquiculture station: There are centers for the study, analysis and investigation for the preservation of native fauna and flora. Stress is put on the reproduction in a state of captivity of those animal species that are in danger of extinction, such as the Yaguá Yvyguy, Aguará Guazú and the Yaguareté, among others.


SALTO MONDAY: 10km away from Ciudad del Este. Magnificent 45m high waterfalls. Once the Guairá waterfalls disappeared, these remain as the major waterfalls of Paraguay. Municipal Park with a watchtower and footpaths. Town House: (595 61) 553 333


Monumento Científico Moisés s. Bertoni: 36KM At the south of Ciudad del Este, at the riverside of the Paraná River. It is a historical place and a very valuable museum. It was a scientific experimentation center for botanic, zoology, meteorology, geology, geography, history and ethnography that belonged to the scientist Bertoni and his family. Museum with period furniture. Cemetery of the Bertoni family. Footpaths. Arboretum (group of a variety of exotic plant species introduced by the scientist Bertoni). Guided tours. Foresters. It can be reached by water and by road. It is under the administration of the Secretaría del Ambiente - SEAM (Environment Office). (595 21) 615 812 . Mme. Lynch Ave. 3500, Asunción. biodiversidad@seam.gov.py Continue Route 2 in direction Asuncion Overnigth in http://www.hotel-sportcamping.de


Reserva De Recursos Manejados Ybytyruzú y Su Área De Influencia Here are a lot of natural and cultural attractions. Information: Government Office of the Guairá. Department of Tourism, gov_guaira@telesurf.com.py – Phone: (595 541) 43274. Tourist guides – karumbe_xtreme@hotmail.com – Luis Ramírez (Villarrica) (595 983) 453821 – Víctor Franco (Colonia Independencia): (595 981) 281 998 .


1. COLONIA INDEPENDENCIA. 25km away from Villarrica. This town has a privileged location surrounded by mountainous areas, forests and pasturelands. The first settlers (1919) were retired military men of the German Army of World War I. This town is known for its homemade wine production. There are good hotels and excellent restaurants where German specialties and other delicious foods are served.


2. SALTO SUIZO. This 50m high water fall located in an enchanting place is 9km away from the town of Independencia. Natural pool. Perfect for rappel practice.


3. CERRO AKATÍ. This 650m high hill is one of the highest in Paraguay. It can be reached by car from Melgarejo. A footpath leads to the top, up to the site called Itá Letra.


4. ITÁ LETRA. 20km away from Villarrica; not paved ways. The attractions here are the enigmatic engravings found on a stone wall keeping secrets that have not yet been revealed. They can be visited in Tororó, District of Villarrica.


5. CERRO TRES KANDÚ. 7km away from Garay; 52km far from Villarrica when traveling on the road to San Juan Nepomuceno. The highest site of Paraguay – 842m - can be visited here. Footpaths lead to the top, from where the panorama of the whole region can be observed


• Yataity: Located 8km away from Road 8, 18km away from Villarrica. It is called “the birthplace of the ao po’I”. It is a picturesque town, where the houses have straw roofs and walls made of sun-dried clay bricks. Here the visitors may buy handicraft clothes and observe the antique weaving looms and equipments used by the first weavers and embroiderers of this typical town of the Guairá region


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