Enjoy A Break In The Scottish Highlands

Enjoy A Break In The Scottish Highlands

I love to travel and I love to go to new places whenever I get a break from work.

I have been to many places in Europe, the United States, many places in Africa, Australia as well as many places in Asia. I loved the places, the scenery, the food, the culture etc., but when it comes down to the best place I have ever visited, then I have to opt for the Scottish Highlands.

I may be prejudiced but from my personal experience I can say that I love traveling to Scotland and the best place to visit in Scotland, according to me, is Grantown-on-Spey.


Grantown-on-Spey in the Scottish Highlands

I have been to Grantown-on-Spey many times over the years.  It is a small town nestled near the Cairngorm National Park. If you plan short breaks in the Scottish Highlands then this is the place to go to. There are many places to visit nearby. I still remember the last time that I visited the place. It was to bring in the New Year. I cannot forget the joy and fervour and the Scottish dancing to the beats of Scottish Ceilidh bands. The fireworks display at the end was mesmerising. I have seen a lot of firework displays but ringing in the New Year with a fireworks display was something special.


Ideal Time to Visit Cairngorm National Park

As mentioned earlier I love the place and keep visiting whenever I get a short break. The ideal time for a short break is during the months of March and April. The weather is good during this time of the year and you can explore Cairngorm National Park and take in the sights that nature has to offer in abundance. You will be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you will be able to breathe in fresh air here. The Lecht is nearby and you can go skiing or even snowboarding. Children will love doing both the activities.


Staying at Culdearn House

I stayed at a place called Culdearn House, a small country house hotel. The hotel has a charm to it which you will not find even in the best and star rated hotels. The luxury bedrooms are wonderful and you will simply love it. The best part about the place is the availability of nearly 60 malt whiskies and some of them in very rare casks. For a whisky lover the place is divine.


A Whisky Tour in the Scottish Highlands

Grantown-on- Spey is at the centre of the whisky manufacturing industry in Scotland. Whiskies of the Scottish Highlands are well known and every connoisseur surely stocks them. I had the privilege of going on a Whisky tour and after the journey I understood the intricacies of the manufacturing of whisky. I understood how the smokiness in the whisky comes about. I understood the importance of the casks and why they should be specifically oak casks etc. I also had the joy of visiting the Speyside Cooperage which is the only Cooperage that is still working in the United Kingdom. Here, I could see how the oak casks were made by the expert coopers. It was a humbling but nevertheless a great learning experience.