Elafonisi Beach – Amazing Beach on Crete Island

Elafonisi Beach – Amazing Beach on Crete Island

We all know how beautiful the Greek islands are. Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, and Crete island are all known as being the most wonderful islands in Greece.

Rich with history, ancient monuments and temples, Crete has something else to offer - Elafonisi beach.

My sister has lived in Crete for almost 12 years with her husband in a small village called Kondura. This little peaceful vilage is located near Paliohora, a small city located on the opposite side of buzzing Heraklion. Near her place there is one of the most fascinating beaches - Elafonisi.

Elafonisi is a pink sand beach located in the west part of the Crete island, this small idyllic beach is a magnet for everyone. During the season, it is packed with tourists (May - October), while out of season it is just a wonderful and quite place.


Elafonisi Beach

The Elafonisi area is protected as it is part of the national park. So be careful to not spoil that lovely place with garbage. The beach itself is very well organized and has everything you need. The western side of the beach gives you an outstanding chance to enjoy a magnificent sunset.

For me as nature lover this fantastic spot is more than perfect for my yoga activities and meditation. For those who love to have a few drinks while watching the sunset, there are plenty of counters and bars on the beach. 

Elafonisi during the high season is full of tourists. This is why I love to go in the off-seasonisi. At this time, you can rather chat to the locals and enjoy this fantastic spot all to yourself.


Getting to Elafonisi

From the airport in Chania to Elafonisi is 78 km. It's not far at all, plus the road is very colorful and fascinating and is always a pleasure to drive. When you arrive at the airport you can catch a bus to Paliochora and from there to catch local transport to Elafonisi or rent a car.

It was in April, Easter time, when I traveled from Tel Aviv to Chania. I got onto a public bus from the airport to the bus station in Chania. After a few minutes I got my ticket for Paliaochora and from there I walked to my sister's house (4km).

I spent a few days exploring the landscape, but had one thing on my mind -going to Elasonisi beach. My brother-in-law took me there with a car. Once we got there I was witnessing one of the most beautiful views. It was noon and the sun was high on the horizon, though as it was mid-April, the temperature was around 25 C. It was great to swim in the very clear sea.


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