Eight Reasons Why Western Tourists Love Trekking in Sapa

Eight Reasons Why Western Tourists Love Trekking in Sapa

Western tourists to Vietnam absolutely love trekking in Sapa. Mostly because it's easy to get there and the experience is unforgettable - from the beautiful scenery to meeting the friendly locals. 

Eight Reasons Why Western Tourists Love Trekking in Sapa

1. Traveling by train

The train is one of the most popular and safe means of transport to move from Hanoi to Sapa. Even if you go with your own, you won’t have any trouble on the way to Sapa. Because it will take a few hours to reach Sapa, you should travel at night to save the time. However, you need to keep your eyes on your luggage.

If you don't enjoy train travel, then check out the express buses available from Hanoi.


2. Walking around Sapa

Let’s start the trip from the center of the town. It is a beautiful and peaceful place, Sapa is like Hanoi with ancient buildings built in French wartime. You just need a few hours to walk around this small town.

Sapa is the residence of many minority ethnics while H’mong accounts for the majority. The ethnic girls will come and greet you and show you their handicrafts. You can easily communicate with them in English. This is a really good chance to learn more about the culture and daily life of the local people.


3. Hoang Lien Son Alps

If you want to book a trekking tour, make sure that you don’t miss Hoang Lien Son. You will have the chance to contemplate the majestic scene with your bare eyes.


4. Amazing nature

Being a nature-lover, you will be astonished by the beauty of Hoang Lien Son Alps. If you like taking photos, Hoang Lien Son is an ideal place.

Besides, the nature scene of Sapa is also attractive. You will fall in love with the sexiness and romance of this land.


5. The children

Usually, the children from 7 or 9 years old will help their families in business like selling souvenirs. They have to walk on a long street to reach the school. When they have a day off, they will sell things to the tourists.


6. Seeing herds of cattle

Have you ever seen white buffalo before? If not, come here and see.


7. Exploring the culture

Staying in the local people’s houses is the best way to learn more about the daily life of the Northwest people. They will supply you with a buffer, mosquito-proof cover and clean WC for tourists.

It might not be too comfortable but it is a good chance to meet the local community, have meals and enjoy specialties with them.

You can pair your trekking experience with a homestay.


8. Finishing the day with a wonderful sunset

There is nothing more interesting than watching the sun go down behind the mountain. You also have the chance to see Sapa town covered with fog.


Other things to note

Sapa has about 160 days of full fog and cloud a year, decreasing your visibility and potentially ruining your trip. You should check the weather before you go.

To save on budget, you should book your ticket in advance at Hanoi Station. In Lao Cai there are many buses and coaches for you to reach Sapa town. Alternatively, you can prebook a package tour that includes your train tickets, accommodation and a local guide.

Remember to wear sport shoes in case of unexpected problems.