Egypt Trip Planning - How Safe Is It?

Egypt Trip Planning - How Safe Is It?

Egypt seems like a no go zone now, well at least that will be your impression when follow the news.

This is why I thought of sharing my experience in Egypt's travel industry to help you plan the trip.

Decide what you want to see? Are you a history person, OR adventure guy/girl/family OR a beach person who worships the sun and sea? Then start planning accordingly....
History people:
Well, your trip needs careful planing. If you planned well, you might wonder where are all these images you see on TV come from? you might tell yourself  "Gee, that must have another country in the news."
Most famous sites are Giza Pyramids, Memphis, Sakkara, Cairo Museum, Citadel & Khan El Khalili Market. These are normally the "do not miss" sites.
Are they safe???
Your careful planning should be only focused on Cairo Museum. It is not a bad idea to avoid Cairo Museum on Fridays as they are becoming our weekly demonstration entertainment. Any bunch of people who wants to have TV appearances will go there on Friday and just go bla bla bla, then go home by sunset. In most cases it is peaceful, but you never know!
All other sites would hardly have any troubles. Life is very normal!
The other region for history people is the Nile. Going on a Nile cruise is probably the best travel experience in North Africa, I do not like exaggerations of saying best in the world, I'm a modest person :)
Nile Cruise involves sightseeing and relaxing. Unlike the popular thought of going from one temple to the next with hardly any time in between, except to eat, Nile Cruise is actually relaxing.
The sightseeing is about 2 to 3 hours daily if you are taking a 4 nights cruise. There is always time to rest and enjoy the scenery and soak the sun too. Almost all Nile cruisers have a plunge pool and sunbeds on top deck. Swimsuits are perfectly acceptable (the thinner the better) :) just kidding…

Adventure people:
I would say you have no troubles at all, as long as you are going to the West Desert. It is more beautiful than ever cause it is not crowded.
Beach & Sun worshippers:
You also have no troubles at all as long as you are not going to North Sinai. So the famous resort cities of Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga & Marsa Alam are perfectly OK. They also have international airports with direct, almost daily, flights from major European cities.
Travel tip shared by Basem Salah


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