Efteling, the real fairy tale and largest theme park in Western Europe

Efteling, the real fairy tale and largest theme park in Western Europe


Looking for a fun and interactive weekend break with your family?


If you want something special and different from the well known yet over crowded Disneyland in Paris there is a wide range of alternatives throughout Europe.


Still, only one of them particularly caught my eye. The place is called Efteling and is the largest theme park in Western Europe.  Situated in the Netherlands, the park has a well established tradition and hosts more than 100 million visitors a year offering a unique wonderland for both children and parents. 


Inspired from classics like brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, the park is suitable for all ages offering both entertaining attractions as well as interactive theatre sessions with a wide range of well known characters. One of the most popular attractions, la crème de la crème, is the Fairy Tale Forest, a charming green environment reproducing a breathtaking imaginary world.  Other activities range from relaxed walks into the forests or paddling a boat on a quiet lake to extreme rides in one of the roller coasters.


To be able to explore the entire park and to allow the children to enter the mystical atmosphere, the park also offers a very creative range of themed accommodation for guests wishing to extend their stay over one or two nights. Moreover, they also consider the needs of parents providing them a top class golf course as well as the latest business facilities.


The tickets and accommodation costs are just half of the Disneyland ones, depending of course on the time of visiting (check main website) . Other extra costs may occur, especially for the adult facilities.


The Efteling Park is located in Kaatsheuvel , Netherlands. There are several ways to get there , mainly by plane by flying to the closest city, Eindhoven.



Written and contributed by Alexandru



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