Dubai: See the Luxury with Your Own Eyes

Dubai: See the Luxury with Your Own Eyes

Dubai is the biggest tourist, commercial, economical and financial center in the United Arab Emirates with a population of more than two million people.

The city is famous for its modern skyscrapers, hotels and business centers. It is growing fast. Dubai occupies the third place on the planet after New York and Hong Kong by the number of buildings located on the height of more than 150 meters.

It is easy to get from the airports of Dubai and Sharjah to downtown. Rent a car at Dubai airport, take a drive and explore the most impressive sights of the city.


The Highest and the Most Luxurious Buildings in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is famous as the highest ever building in Dubai and in the whole world. People were constructing it for 4 years. This skyscraper is 828 meters high, the last floor is 162 meters. It is a colossal creation of human hands. Apartments, hotels, parks, shopping centers and a helipad are situated within the skyscraper. You can watch an unforgettable panoramic landscape from a viewing platform of this building.


Emirates Park Towers

Emirates Park Towers in Dubai is one of the coziest and the second tallest hotel on the planet. These Towers are 376 meters high. Residential apartments, the largest business center, SPA-salons, a wellness center and the richest branded boutiques are opened there. There are bars under the open sky and a fabulous view of Dubai for the most refined guests.


Almas Tower

Almas Tower is a building 360 meters high, which is situated on a manmade  island near Lake Emirayh in Dubai. The Almas Tower was the highest skyscraper in Dubai before the Burj Khalifa was built. Many companies engaged in the production, sale and exchange of diamonds, pearls and other precious stones are located here.


Emirates Office Tower

Emirates Office Tower is an office building in Dubai, which relates to Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. They make up the Emirates Towers complex together. It is approximately 354 meters high. This tower is the 29th highest building in Asia and the 38th highest on planet Earth.


The Marina Torch

The Marina Torch, more known as the Dubai Torch, attracts attention of many tourists. This residential skyscraper is 336,8 meters high and is located in a beautiful area called Marina. The three lowest floors are occupied by parking. It offers an amazing swimming pool, gym, fitness club, cafes, restaurants, sauna, and shopping areas.


The Rose Tower

The Rose Tower is 333 meters high building, which is situated on Sheikh Zayed street highway in Dubai. it is considered as the second biggest and one of the most luxurious hotels on the planet. This hotel has a 24-hour cafe and 2 restaurants. You can freely drink and sell alcohol here. There is a variety of luxury rooms, cafes, restaurants and other delights of a first-class hotel. Services as in other hotels in Dubai are at the highest level here.


Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is a world famous hotel, which is 321 meters high. It resembles the sail of an Arabic yacht. Nowadays, it is one of the three largest hotels in the world. This first-class hotel is a visiting card of Dubai. It has an unsurpassed service and infrastructure. All rooms at the Burj Al Arab are only deluxe. Everything you can imagine is for you: a private beach, a Rolls-Royce transfer with a personal driver, a delightful terrace with swimming pools and beach houses, the best bars and restaurants in the world, etc.


HHHR Tower

HHHR Tower is an ultra-high commercial and residential skyscraper, which is located near Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai. It is 317 meters high. It is the 61st highest construction in Asia and 77th on height on the planet. There are 454 residential apartments in this tower.


Dubai skyscrapers amaze with their stunning architectural solutions, height and chic. This city is full of astonishing views from its skyscrapers. Their uniqueness attracts many tourists to the city.

The tallest building on the planet Burj Khalifa already belongs to Dubai, but there will be another giant in 2020, which height will be one hundred meters higher than it. The construction of the new skyscraper began in October 2016. It will be 928 meters high.


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