Driving through County Clare: watching over the Cliffs Of Moher and The Burren

Driving through County Clare: watching over the Cliffs Of Moher and The Burren

Back in November 2009, just before the heavy rain and floods, I spent a few days in Cork, Ireland.


Not so much because of the city itself, but because I wanted to see a few things around Cork.


One of those things I really wanted to see, were The Cliffs Of Moher, the cliffs at the westcoast of Ireland. Since I don't dare to drive myself in Ireland (wrong side of the road...), I figured out already at home how I could get from Cork to the cliffs.


One option: public transport. The bus will take you there, but it takes hours and hours.
A better option: an organized bustrip! There are several travel agencies who organize bustrips to the cliffs. I fell for Paddy Wagon Tours. They offered also a look at The Burren, which sounded great to me.


Such a bustrip starts in the early hours. We (me and a few other people) were picked up in Cork. The busdriver is also a guide, who tells you a lot about Ireland's history, about the Irish sport, he/she might learn you some Irish words as well. That was a bonus for me, since I didn't know what hurling was until that day..


After a 2 hr drive, you make a short stop in Limerick. Our bus stopped by the river Shannon, across the castle. We haven't been in the city itself, but from what I've heard, it's a nice city to visit. The castle is also worth a look and to take a few pics at the Shannon.


From there on we drove further through County Clare. County Clare is one of the most beautiful pieces of landscapes I've come across: so green, with little rivers and just very few cities, villages.

After a few hours in the bus, we made a stop the The Burren. It's a karst region landscape. It was the first time I saw such landscape and I was amazed. It was landing on the moon, orso. All these weird rocks, which you can hardly walk on. But it was a beautiful view! You can also see rare flora and fauna there.


When we were done making pics and done climbing over the rocks, the bus drove us to Doolin. Doolin is a small village between The Burren and The Cliffs Of Moher. It has quite a few pubs though, where you can have a nice lunch!
When you are in Doolin.... don't forget to make a picture of the road signs...


Then it's off to the Cliffs Of Moher. We were lucky enough it was a very sunny day, without too many clouds. This gives you a view over the Atlantic and the Aran Islands. When you are at the Cliffs, you can make a choice between 2 routes you can walk. One goes to the left, the other to the right. Just walk them both! It gives you a stunning view about how huge the Cliffs are.


For me were the Cliffs the highlight of that short holiday in November. I had been in Ireland before, but didn't had the time to visit the Cliffs. I was stunned about how huge the Cliffs are and it made me feel so small! I had no problems walking around there for a few hours, just watching and being amazed!

I didn't regret I did this trip with a bus tour. Ok, you are stuck to their planning, you can't go your own way. On the other hand: they tell you all the stories, they know all the beautiful places.


So when you're in Ireland and want to escape the buzz of the big cities, consider to visit Cork and Doolin!



Written and contributed by Marjan79


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