Dreamlike Holidays at the Six Senses Resorts in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Dreamlike Holidays at the Six Senses Resorts in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Where would you go if you could pick one place on earth to spend your holidays at?

I would definitely go back to Vietnam and its wonderful beach resorts!

If all you’re looking for is deep relaxation, amazing food and a location so magnificent it almost seems unreal, the Six Senses Resorts is the perfect fit for you.


After my early morning arrival in Nha Trang, I went to my first destination, the Evason Ana Mandara. Once showed around the beautiful resort and checked into my breathtaking beachfront room, I decided to try out the outdoor rain shower. What can I say – it was just very hard to get out of it again. The following breakfast was a real treat too. Imagine watching the baby blue ocean while trying everything from fresh cheeses, tropical fruits, fluffy waffles and crunchy granola with yoghurt and honey!

Even though they say it’s unreasonable to swim after eating, I went inside the refreshing terrace pool after lying in one of the cozy round sunbeds. Everything was perfect: the sunrays on my face, the cooling soft water around my skin and the sound of the waves close by. After a long, meditating walk along the beach, I then decided to try some of the dishes in the Ana Beach House Bar & Restaurant. I wanted to keep it local and go for some Vietnamese spring rolls with glass noodles and crunchy veggies – yummy!

Besides all the swimming, sunbathing and eating, I can also highly recommend going to the Six Senses Spa. The Turkish bath and the traditional Vietnamese massage I got finally helped me to relieve the last bits of stress. Then, lying on a sun lounger wearing a soft dressing gown, drinking a cup of tea and eating some dried fruits, I felt like as revitalized as never before on this holiday.

What a perfect occasion to get out that one book I’ve always wanted to read!

All dressed up for dinner, I walked past the beautifully lit swimming pools, trees and flowers all around. When I came to the restaurant, there was this magical atmosphere, which is hard to explain... Probably it was the mix of mouth-watering smells, the sound of soft melodies and the romantic Christmas decoration everywhere. If you then are in as great company as I was, there is nothing more you need. Except maybe some high class food like the caramelized pumpkin with pine nuts and raisins…

Even sleeping at the Evason Ana Mandara is an amazing experience. Before arriving, you can choose your perfect pillow fit from a pillow menu. I entered the land of dreams just a few seconds after I got under the soft, clean sheets. And wow, did I sleep well! But only for a few hours as I didn’t want to miss the sunrise from my beach view terrace, which really was spectacular.

Before checking out that day, I fulfilled a child’s Christmas whish. Yes, the Evason not only looks after your wellbeing, but also supports an orphanage close by. Guests can pick a wish from a beautiful self-made wish tree at the lobby and donate money in order to buy the children their presents. A really cool thing to do for a luxury hotel!


Then, I was ready for the next destination –the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay!

We went to the resort by speed boat as it is the only way to reach it. A really cool experience! With the wind in my hair and a smoothie in my hand, I enjoyed the view of the mountains and the golden sand beach bay which came closer and closer. Once arrived, the place seemed too perfect to be real. I felt like being in one of those dreams I sometimes have, then wake up and wish they were true! A warm welcome later, my lovely guest experience maker Giang brought me to my place, a personal villa with a private plunge pool that just took my breath away.

Soon after checking in that beautiful place, I went around the resort by mountain bike. The whole area is built with sustainably sourced materials and lives in close touch with nature which made me feel even more at home. After the ride I was ready for my Vietnamese cooking class that took place at Dining By The Bay, the beautiful restaurant overlooking the bay and the impressive rock formations. Now I can call myself a Vietnamese cooking expert!

With an infinity pool and the ocean just outside my bedroom, guess what I mostly did? Yep: lying at the beach, diving into the ocean, having tropical rain showers, relaxing on the sunbed by the pool, swimming again.

Heaven on earth!

Even at night, before sleeping in my rosemary scented princess bed, you could find me sitting at the beach, watching the dark ocean, the blinking stars in the sky and the countless shooting stars. I didn’t even know there were so many of them.

Sleeping so deeply definitely makes hungry! Unfortunately, no stomach on earth could be big enough to try all the delicacies the breakfast buffet had to offer. Whether you like it hearty or are a sweet tooth, there is nothing you wouldn’t find. Overlooking the bay, I went for a creamy cappuccino and detox smoothies accompanied by thick banana bread, peanut butter filled pancakes, creamy cheeses and all sorts of fresh, tropical fruits. You would believe there was no space left for the handmade chocolate and pistachio ice cream before checking out? Well, you’re wrong!


The thing with staying at the Six Senses resorts is that no matter how long you are there, it will never be long enough. You will need more of it, for sure! And I can tell you why that is. Now I really understand what the six senses is all about.

You see, hear, feel, smell and taste a piece of paradise. You are living in the very moment, intensely enjoying it with all your senses.


Travel tip shared by Julie for Traveldudes.


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